Come Together: 9 Ethical Clothing Brands You Should Know About

Fast fashion may be fun, but it’s not good for our planet. Here are nine affordable ethical clothing brands you should check out.

Let’s face it, we buy a lot. We live in a consumeristic society. 

We lead busy lives and we don’t always take the time to research the products we are purchasing. If we do have the time, we may not know what to look for, or how to research production methods. 

When it comes to clothes, can we really find great looking outfits that are ethically produced?

The answer is yes (and hallelujah)! There are many ethical clothing brands out there, and we’ve pulled together a list for you (so you can spend your time on the important things). 

What Makes a Clothing Brand Ethical?

There is a lot of “fast fashion” out there. You know, the clothes that are cheaply made, and don’t last very long? Ethical fashion is the opposite. It strives for sustainability by looking at the full lifecycle of the product. 

Each process, from sourcing to design and production, is analyzed. Ethical clothing brands look for ways to create sustainable practices. Here are a few of the ways they achieve them!

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Saying No to Using Hazardous Chemicals 

Sustainable brands are aware that using certain finishes and dyes may be dangerous for the workers, and dangerous if they get into water sources.

As consumers, we may not directly see the effect of these chemicals, but workers and those who live near where the clothing is produced are affected. Sustainable brands look for new ways to say goodbye to hazardous chemicals.

Extending Lifecycles 

Fashion is always changing! Brands are consistently creating new designs and encouraging the regular updating of our wardrobes. One of the biggest goals for an ethical clothing brand is to create a product that lasts longer so that consumers are buying less.  

Using Less Water 

Ethical clothing brands look for ways to cut back on water usage during their production processes. The demands for fresh water are only growing, with much of the earth’s water being unusable salt water, or polluted. 

9 Must-Have Ethical Clothing Brands

As promised, here is a list of some of our favorite ethical clothing brands! These brands are doing a fantastic job of creating sustainable practices.  

Pricing Guide

     $ = under $50    $$ = $50–$100  $$$ =$100–$150   $$$$ | $150 or more

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1. Thought Clothing

Located In: London, UK

Ethics: Minimizing environmental footprint, sustainable & naturally grown fabrics

Size Range: XS–XL; up to US 14

Price Range: $-$$

Thought clothing began as a dream between two friends, and a desire to wear cool, natural clothing in the heat of Australia. Thought continues to evolve and innovate to create sustainable clothing lines. 

They have a simple philosophy, and that is to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion all while caring for our environment. Thought works hard to ensure that those who work with their company are paid with fair wages and working conditions. 

2. Gift of Hope Haiti 

Located In: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Ethics: Job creation, poverty reduction, and repurposing & recycling 

Size Range: S-L 

Price Range: $

Gift of Hope believes that their employees matter most. Gift of Hope was created as a job creation program and for the empowerment of Haitian mothers living in poverty.

Gift of Hope strives to help vulnerable people find dignified jobs and protect our planet. As a company, they believe in embracing repurposing and recycling. In addition to clothing, Gift of Hope offers jewelry, accessories and home decor.

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3. Vetta Capsule

Located In: USA

Ethics: Sustainable materials, recycled packaging 

Size Range: XS-XL

Price Range: $$$-$$$$

Vetta Capsule is committed to responsible factories and sustainable fabrics. Their Los Angeles is audited annually for environmental and social compliance. This factory gets 70% of its energy from solar power!

4. Monsoon

Located In: London, UK

Ethics: Ethical trade, sustainability, and poverty reduction

Size Range:  S-XL 

Price Range: $-$$$

Monsoon’s Green Action Programme, along with their introduction of energy-efficient fittings throughout their entire store network, has been able to achieve significant reductions in energy consumption.

Monsoon clothing is absolutely committed to minimizing waste and recycling. They are committed to empowering women and children through education and employment.

We love that they have a wedding collection too!

5. Threads 4 Thought 

Located In: China/USA

Ethics: Sustainably sourced & ethically produced 

Size Range: XS-XL

Price Range: $-$$$

Threads 4 Thought has had a long-lasting partnership with the International Rescue Committee. They are committed to working with factories that hold high ethical standards.

T4T uses innovative sustainable materials, such as Lenzing Modal, recycled polyester and organic cotton. 

6. Patagonia 

Located In: California, USA

Ethics: environmental sustainability, Fair Trade Certified collections

Size Range: XXS–XXL

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Price Range: $-$$$$

Patagonia clothing was one of the first clothing companies to defend environmental ethics. They were also one of the first companies to adopt the use of recycled materials, as well as organic cotton. Patagonia has supported grassroots activists for almost 40 years, who are working hard to find solutions to our environmental crisis.

Patagonia wanted to further expand their commitment and has been working with Fair Trade Certified factories in India, Los Angeles, and Sri Lanka. Patagonia keeps close tabs on wages in partner factories to ensure workers earn at least minimum wage in the areas where they work. 

Minimum wage is not always a livable wage, so Patagonia has taken it one step further and has been working with Fair Trade USA. Together they are working on a complex fair-wages program with the Fair Labor Association. 

7. Matter

Located In: Singapore

Ethics: Sustainable and eco-friendly & natural dyes, 

Size Range: S-L

Price Range: $$-$$$$

Matter Prints works alongside artisans and designers across India and Indonesia to create bold and vibrant patterned apparel. Artisans work by block printing with natural dyes. Matter works to be ethical, use natural materials and have sustainable practices. 

8. Encircled 

Located In: Toronto, Canada

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Ethics: Eco-conscious fabrics& Ethical production

Size Range: XS–XXL

Price Range: $$-$$$$

On average women wear about 50% of their closet. Encircled believes that less is more when it comes to your clothes. If we only wear half of what we own, that means there is less room for more clothes and more room for versatility.

Encircled incorporates sustainable practices into every area of the business, from the sourcing of eco-fabrics to using recyclable shipping materials. They strive to create a product that stands the test of time. 

9. Fair Indigo 

Located In: Wisconsin, USA

Ethics: Sustainable materials, Green America certified & Fair Trade 

Size Range: XS–XXL

Price Range: $-$$

Fair Indigo uses earth-friendly dyes that are free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, azo colorants, and pentachlorophenol. They use premium cotton grown without pesticides. 

Fair Indigo also uses fully bio-degradable packaging. 

Create Your Own Ethical Wardrobe

There are many brands out there that are fighting for a better tomorrow, both for people and the Earth.

Ethical clothing brands aren’t always pricy, but they are definitely worth the investment. They are for every body type too!

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