How to Rock Double Denim

Fancy wearing double denim, but not too sure how to do it right? Here are our tips on how to rock denim on denim.

It’s a question that divides the nation: should you or shouldn’t you experiment with double denim?

In our opinion, it’s a resounding yes, you should!

Double denim is a trend that keeps returning, season after season. And when fashioned correctly, double denim can look stylish, trendy, cool, and effortless all in one.

However, getting the look right does take practice. You don’t want to look outdated, or like you’ve just wandered in off the range, for example! Remember Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s denim debacle of 2001?

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Don’t worry, we’re here to help you avoid any double denim disasters. Read on to discover our best tips and tricks for rocking the double denim look.

Get Creative With Colors

If you’re a total beginner to the double denim trend, you can start by playing with different colors of denim together. For example, you can pair white or black jeans with a blue denim jacket. After all, a two-tone double denim look is timeless and is almost impossible to get wrong.

Once you feel more comfortable with the double denim trend, you can then start experimenting with wearing different shades of blue.

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Make sure all your pieces have a similar vibe, so the outfit has an element of cohesion.

We recommend not to pair pieces that are too similar though, as you don’t want to look overly matchy-matchy. The point of the double denim trend is to look effortlessly cool, and if your pieces all match perfectly then it may look a little try-hard.

Ditch Denim Accessories

When it comes to wearing denim, keep it confined to the clothing. Never overdose on the look by wearing any denim accessories, such as a denim bag, hat, or shoes.

By overdoing it on the denim, again the look will come across as too try-hard – not the vibe you’re going for!

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Dress up Double Denim

That doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your double denim look, though. Don’t be afraid to elevate and accessorize your outfit with luxe-looking items, such as a cute clutch, a trendy tuxedo blazer, or a fabulous red lip.

Due to the casual pairing of two denim pieces, this is one look you can pull out all the stops for.

Metallic accents, in particular, liven up washed denim – think glitzy jewelry and statement heels.

By adding glamorous accessories to a double denim outfit that would otherwise look casual, you can give off that edgy and trendy feel. And without any accessories at all, a double denim look would simply come across as – dare we say – boring.

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Ready to Rock Double Denim?

Whether you fancy rocking double denim stylishly on a big night out, or you want to pair denim together for a more casual weekend look, with our tips you’re sure to turn heads – in the right way, of course! Fancy learning more fashion tips and tricks? Here are 10 fashion essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe.

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