9 Most Inspiring Ted Talks to Get You Motivated

Ready to get motivated and turn your life around today? Here are 9 Ted Talks on Motivation that you shouldn’t miss! We have outlined the most inspiring moments!

According to TED, there are more than 3100 TED talks on motivation. Few things feel greater than being motivated.

When feeling inspired, you tend to feel good towards your body and soul. And an inspired soul can conquer anything on its way.

Perhaps there’s no better way to start a morning than having coffee while listening to a TED talk and getting ready to take on the world. Starting a when overwhelmed isn’t a way to go into your day.

Launched in 1984, the TED show has been giving people, mostly women, lots of fascinating bits of encouragement. And in case you missed some of them: here are the nine most inspiring TED talks to get you motivated!

1. The Career Advice You Didn’t Get

This talk is primarily aimed at women but has universal takeaways for men. In this piece, Susan Colantuono discusses the reasons why many women remain stuck in the middle. She argues that many of them, even those doing things right fail to make it to the top.

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Being effective middle managers is also what keeps many of them remaining in the middle. She teaches women about interpersonal skills and on how to boost confidence. When you put into use this advice, you can get yourself to the top of the ladder.

2. The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

Have you ever got an uncomfortable feeling of being motivated? Brown’s motivational talk is a very inspiring piece. This talk establishes the importance of vulnerability and how critical it is.

Brene Brown challenges viewers to drop the armor that keeps them invulnerable. This helps the realization of the purpose and meaning of life. In this talk, she dispels the myth that vulnerability is a form of weakness.

According to women from all over the world, this is one of the best Ted talks on motivation.

3. Listen, Learn, Then Lead

You have never felt like a leader, conqueror, and someone special if you haven’t listened to this talk. Stanley McChrystal, a four-star general of the U.S, shares his sentiment on what he learned about leadership.

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According to the military commander, leadership begins with being a listener. After listening, you learn from others and share a purpose. He’s willing to listen, learn, and apply those skills to lead others.

In this talk, General McChrystal is very transparent and conversant with leadership. He’s willing and ready to mentor and guide those in lower ranks because he’s a great leader. This is an essential pick for women who want to change the status quo and become leaders.

4. What It Is to Be a Great Leader – Rose Torres

Another leadership pick for women by Roselinde Torres.  She looks into the reasons why many people portray excellent leadership skills. She talks about how she spent more than 25 years observing the drive behind great leaders.

It is after making a significant discovery about leadership preparation. She investigated the reason behind the widening gaps between men and women and what leaders do to thrive and grow.

In his findings, she discovered that great leaders utilize strong, diverse networks. With other people in their domains thinking differently, great leaders develop leadership skills.

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5. Dan Pink- The Puzzle of Motivation

He’s one New York Times best-selling authors, and in this talk, he explains the science behind rewarding. He notes that the traditional manner of rewarding workers is terrible and that managers and HR get it all wrong.

The idea of giving extrinsic motivators, such as bonuses and vacations is imperfect. According to Dan Pink, this should be replaced with intrinsic motivators such as autonomy and passion. After rewarding with intrinsic motivators, production goes up, and workers engage better.

Dan Pink calls for the replacement of traditional notions of management with newer ones.

6. The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor

If there is an entertaining scientist on the TED show, it’s Achor. He spent lots of time studying happiness. According to this scientist, the brain performs significantly better when in a positive state. Achor advises people to try simple daily exercises to keep the mind in happy mode.

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When the brain is active, people tend to be happier than when idle. To find purpose and stay happy, the secret lies behind activating the mind. Women who perform exercise are likely to have better functioning brains than those who don’t.

7. How to Make Work-Life Balance Work by Nigel Marsh

If there is something that even the veterans have failed to manage, it’s a work-life balance. The majority of people tends to keep more focus on the workplace failing to take care of their life. In this talk, Nigel Marsh offers listeners a solution on how to balance work and living their desired lives.

To avoid this, he advises ladies to focus more on designing themselves such that others don’t dictate them. This is a very positive talk that provides a positive path out of bondage.  

8. Your Language Shapes Who You Are by Amy Cuddy

This is a popular talk that amazes a lot of women. People shape themselves according to their communication with others. According to Cuddy, there is a loop in the brain that helps people fake life until they make it.

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This talk can transform lives within no time. It is helpful, especially when not confident or in evaluative positions. In the 20 minute talk, she advises people to listen to focus on their language and communications.

9. “How to Succeed? Get More Sleep” by Arianna Huffington

Huffington is on the contrary that staying up till the late hours of the night is essential. According to her, this can hinder your success because you didn’t relax your mind enough.

Ariana Huffington advises women on how to go about their jobs and be successful without doing it the hard way.

Why Listen to Ted Talks on Motivation?

If you want to rewrite your life, there is no better way than these Ted talks on motivation. Women feel empowered by these talks, and you can incorporate them into your life and be witness of the change. Seeking motivation is very important for spiritual growth.

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