5 Ways to Pull off Wearing White

Do you dare to wear head-to-toe white? Here are five ways to pull off the trend.

Anyone can wear white, but it takes skill to rock it from head-to-toe.

While some can pull off white looking drop-dead gorgeous dressed in clean, crisp clothing, for others sometimes the wrong shade or combined look simply doesn’t work.

But don’t worry, whatever your skin tone or body shape, with the right guidance, anyone can look incredible dressed in white. Ready to learn the secrets behind the skills? We’re here to spill all.

1.   Consider Your Skin Tone

The most important trick to looking chic in white is to pair your skin tone with a shade of white that will complement it. If wearing white usually makes your skin look and feel drab, grey or sallow, the chances are that you’re wearing the wrong shade – it’s not that white doesn’t suit you!

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Even those with pale skin can find a white that looks fabulous with their complexion. If you have fair skin, you should avoid stark bright whites that will wash you out. Instead, choose a warm white that pairs well with fair skin tones.

Olive complexion? Then shades of cool white, champagne, rum, or silk white will pair beautifully with your skin.

Medium complexions with pink or blue undertones should look out for white and ivory shades that are creamy. Gentle shades such as these will keep you from looking too rosy or flushed.

Most whites will suit darker complexions well, but those with olive undertones should stay away from yellow or ivory shades of white. Otherwise, you pretty much have the pick of the mix!

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2.   Wear the Right Underwear

We’ve all seen it – someone may be wearing a lovely, loose flowing white dress except that faint lines of underwear can be seen below the material. What should be a beautiful classy look is instead cheapened by the visible underwear lines

When wearing white, the underwear you match with it is just as important as the shade of white you choose. After all, you don’t want the world to see your knickers!

You’ll need to wear undergarments that match your skin tone. Choose a simple bra and pair of underwear in a suitable nude tone, without any lace, beading, or other embellishments. This is because such detail can easily show through white material, as well as the color.

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If you can’t find underwear matching your exact skin tone, opt for a color that matches it as well as possible. It can be tempting to choose white underwear, but this is visible through whites too.

Having trouble finding suitable underwear? If need be, you can always purchase a slip to wear under a white dress. This can disguise any colored underwear or detailing.

3.   Mismatched Items Must Be the Same Shade

If you decide to dress head to toe in white with non-matching items, it’s crucial that you make sure the shades of white match perfectly.

After all, a white ensemble where one piece of clothing is creamy ivory and the other is bright white comes across as untidy and off. Or even worse, it may look like one of the items has lost its brightness in the wash!

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4.   Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

A head-to-toe white outfit can look dull without any accessories. Luckily, with a blank canvas like white, you can go wild with the accessorises!

White looks fantastic paired with anything from bright block colors, to funky patterns. While wearing white often doesn’t illustrate character too well, the use of accessories is a great way to incorporate style and personality into the outfit.

From feather pendants to delicate silver, to bold and bronze jewels, get creative with your accessories to finish the look.

5.   Wash Whites Well

This leads us on to the importance of proper washing of whites. Before washing your precious new whites, we recommend to first clean your washing machine.

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While the idea may seem a bit ineffectual, if you don’t clean your washing machine your whites may come out looking dingy. To wash your machine, simply add liquid chlorine bleach to your washer’s dispenser and let the machine run on a long cycle with hot water. If the smell of bleach loiters, run another water-only cycle for an extra fresh wash.

When you’re ready to wash your whites, separate them from your colors and any heavily soiled whites (these should be washed separately). Wash on hot and add whitener or brightener from your local supermarket.

Your whites will soon be spick and span, ready to wear!

Ready to Rock White?

While wearing white can seem daunting, with our guidance and tips you’re sure to pull off the look with ease and elegance. We believe in you!

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