How to Curl Hair Without Heat

Do you love having beautiful tumbling curls? Here’s how to curl hair without heat, so you can enjoy gorgeous waves without damaging your locks.

We all love having gorgeous, flowing curls. Unfortunately, most of the time we use heat to craft such waves. While your locks may look stunning after styling with heat, in the long run, constant use of heat is terrible for your hair.

The heat emitted by curling irons or tongs results in more split ends than we’d usually get, and hair becomes weakened leading to brittle and rough hair. It’s a far cry from the shiny flowing curls that we dream of!

Luckily, there are ways to style your hair into effortless curls without the use of heat. Bid goodbye to those damaging curling irons – and say hello to heat-free flirty waves with these different curling methods.

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1. Braid for Brilliant Waves

We all know this classic braiding technique for effortless beach-style waves.

Simply wash your tresses as usual and wait for your hair to air-dry. If it’s still slightly damp when braiding, that’s not a problem.

Create a center parting and tie two ponytails on either side. Plait each ponytail, securing the end of each with a hairband.

For tighter curls, split your hair into several ponytails to make more braids, and for looser waves create just one braid.

Leave your hair in the braids for a couple of hours, or for the best results sleep with your plaits in.

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Once ready, gently loosen the braids free and shake your curls. For a good hold, lightly spray with hairspray. Voila – easy peasy waves!

2. Tie a Tee-Shirt for Terrific Curls

Got an old tee-shirt you don’t mind losing? It’s the perfect tool for creating glamorous Hollywood-style waves.

Again, wash your hair as usual and leave to air-dry until it’s only slightly damp.

Take your old tee-shirt and cut it into long strips from the neck to the hem. The thinner you cut the strip, the tighter the curls will be.

Take a small section of hair and roll the strip along with the hair upwards to your scalp. Roll inwards so the curls turn towards your neck. Once the hair is in place, tie the end of the strip to fasten.

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Repeat this for the rest of your hair, and leave in for a couple of hours, or ideally overnight if it’s not too uncomfortable!

3. Roll with It

We’ve all seen the movies featuring women with a head full of hair rollers. Maybe you’ve even tried it yourself before!

A classic yet effective way of curling hair without heat, hair rollers gift you with lovely bouncy curls.

Choose large rollers for big curls or smaller ones for tighter waves. Wash and condition your hair as usual and leave to dry until damp.

Read the instructions on your pack of rollers to secure them throughout your hair. Usually, you’ll need to separate a section of hair, roll it up, and encase it within a roller.

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Repeat until all your hair is gathered up in the rollers and leave untouched for around 4 to 5 hours. Unfortunately, this is one heat-free curling method you can’t work overnight – can you imagine tossing and turning in those tools?

Once the hours have passed, gently remove your rollers and use your fingers to loosen your curls. Spray with hairspray to set, if required. Enjoy!

4. Create Wonderful Waves with a Sock Bun

Who’d have thought that an old sock could help you achieve gorgeous curls?

Simply take your old sock and snip off the toe area. Then, roll it into a doughnut shape.

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Wash your hair as you usually would and once again dry until just damp.

Pull your locks into a ponytail at the top of your head and then pull it through the sock. Wrap the hair, and then tuck the hair in to fasten. To include more of your hair, roll the sock down.

Keep rolling hair and tucking until you reach the top of your head, and then secure your sock bun with Kirby grips.

Leave for a couple of hours, or for the best results sleep with your bun in. In the morning, remove your grips and sock and admire your stunning tumbling waves!

Ready to Enjoy Heat-Free Curls?

With these super-simple curling methods, you can enjoy stunning waves without damaging your precious locks with heat-styling devices! Whether your hair is poker-straight or wild and unruly, these curling techniques will provide you with the waves you’ve you dream of.

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