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9 Fierce Gym Outfits to Help You Make the Most of Your Workout

Who says you can’t look good while pumping iron? Here are nine ideas for cute gym outfits you won’t be able to wait to try out.

You go to the gym and work out to look good, right?

Well, how about looking good every time you go to the gym?

Having great workout clothing is a great way to reward yourself for the work you’ve already done.

A fab workout wardrobe is also great motivation to keep going.

You know you’re fierce, fit and fabulous. Isn’t it time you took all that to the next level?

We’ve spotted nine gym outfits that are so savagely cool they’re cute. See what appeals to you most from what we’ve found.

Everything Looks Better in Black and White

White trainers are in! Pair them with black and white zebra leggings and a white spandex bra top (Item 12/18). It’s a versatile look that says you’re feisty and free-spirited.

Staying with white on top, you can alternate with a midriff muscle T-shirt.

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In cooler weather, add a soft long-sleeved tee or a zipped hoodie over, also in white.

This outfit has switch-around possibilities too. That gym staple, the black sports bra top, also works with these leggings too. 

We get it, white is hard to keep clean, but what you gain in crispness and cool is priceless.

If the zebra thing is too much for you more than once a week, try other options. Such as a couple of pairs of floral or multicolored leggings. They’re a good standby to add to the core white.

Color My World

Coordination is key. We give our psyches a boost when we wear bright colors that suit our complexion.

Ultra-bright workout gear that reflects your confidence and energy from toe to top sends a strong message.

Why not splash out on a pair of vivid rainbow trainers

Choose your trainers first, and build the color combos of your exercise clothes around them. Most sports store displays are color-coded anyway. They make it easy to throw your favorite neons together and let your individuality shine through!

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Living It Up in Lycra 

High-waist leggings are complimentary and show off your figure without baring too much skin. They generally come in sizes from XS to XL.

High-waist shorts get a good rap too. Add cuteness with a cut-off top after your workout – a perfect way to slip back into cosmopolitan life when you leave the gym.

Cycling shortsfor the gym are still trending. Look for ones with compression and four-way stretch. They’ll keep you in shape while you keep in shape. And following the laundry instructions exactly will make them last longer too! 

And another thing: cycling shorts accentuate the thigh gap, and that’s before you’ve done a single leg lift.

HIIT Them with It!

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is basically a series of heavy cardio workouts with brief rest intervals.

You’re gonna need a workout headband, girl! There are loads of different kinds to cater to all sorts of hairstyles. Go for the ones promising breathability and high absorbency.

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The Gentle Glow

While we’re talking about perspiration, it’s always a good idea to take a towel with you to the gym.

You can match these to your outfits too. The microfiber ultra-absorbent type, pure spun cotton towels, or even the exotic bamboo fiber ones on the market all come in colors that fit with your kit.

Sock It to ‘Em!

Your feet perspire too. The best way to take care of your trainers is to wear socks. They minimize odor in your shoes and give your feet extra protection from chafing. Choose what suits you – invisible, ankle-length or knee-high socks. Choose your colors wisely – and make them part of your outfit!

Gym Outfits with Athleisure Attitude

The net effect of the athleisure trend is that athletic skirts with shorts are really well made these days.

The skirts come with compression shorts (that don’t ride up) and side pockets for storing your phone and other items. The waistbands are normally flattering and enhance that flat-ab look you’re cultivating.

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Called skorts, they’re ideal for gym workouts, running, cycling, tennis and many other sports. Skorts give you great freedom of movement during workouts and double up as a valid fashion item outside of the gym too. Plus, they’re cute.

What to Wear with Skorts

High-neck sports bras are a good combo with skorts since together they look like regular clothes.

They are also an excellent option if you need more support, or do a lot of high-impact training.

Compression Combos

Compression leggings with matching sports bra tops are a good standby to have in your gym wardrobe for days when you can’t quite figure out what to wear.

They are often two-tone, with the colors following the contours of the compression zones.

You’ll definitely look great in these and can attack your routine with ferocity without having to worry about your color co-ords.

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Sweatsuit Inspiration

One of our favorite picks was number 25. The soft cream contours of the tracksuit pants and the cut-away sweatshirt, both with drawstrings, is inspiring.

We know a lot of you complement your gym workouts with low-intensity exercise or yoga. This re-fashioned take of the traditional sweatsuit is a great transition outfit.

Its loose-fitting design makes a nice change occasionally from the contoured, form-fitting workout clothes. You can fiercely embrace your softer side, and still, be cute!

Cooling Down

We’re guessing that you’ve already got your favorite accessories, like your water bottle, fitness trackers and gym bag. Remember that accessories often add the final touches to great gym outfits.

For now, though, we’ve concentrated on workout clothing that makes you look great before, during and after working out. Accessories are a subject all on their own! Watch this space for more articles on health and fitness.

In the meantime, keeping working it and check out more health and fitness tips right here!

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