7 Must-Have Fashion Subscription Boxes

No time to shop? Not sure what to wear or how to accessorize? Here’s our guide to the best fashion subscription boxes to have this year.

Imagine pulling into your driveway after a hard day at work. Your boss has been on your back to hit all of your goals. You are physically and mentally exhausted. You’re ready to get into your pajamas and Netflix-binge like it’s nobody’s business.

But then you see it.

A bright and colorful box sitting at your front door.

You already know what’s inside.

It’s filled with only the most beautiful and high-quality clothing curated just for you!

Suddenly your mood has flipped, and you’re ready to get together with your girlfriends for a night out on the town. All because you forgot that today was the day your style box subscription came in the mail!

Are you new to the world of monthly boxes? You’re in for a treat! Keep reading for seven of our favorite clothing subscriptions to learn which is best for you (and your fashion sense).

What Is The Appeal of Fashion Subscription Boxes?

Fashion subscription boxes are one of the newest “it” things in our high-tech world. 15% of all online shoppers report receiving a monthly subscription box in the mail.

Because there is such a high demand for these boxes, there are an endless variety of options to choose from. Are you a fitness fanatic? There’s a box for you! Do you prefer brand name clothing? We got you covered. Is your underwear drawer looking a little bare? How about we spruce it up with some beautiful and high-quality panties every month?

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Keep reading for seven of our favorite clothing subscription boxes to learn which is best for you and your fashion sense.

1) StitchFix

Whether you’re looking for seasonal clothing, workout wear, a casual outfit or something to wear to the office, there’s something that’ll call to you through StitchFix.

How It Works: This fashion box is well-known and loved because of the personalized shopping experience it provides its subscribers. As a StitchFix user, you fill out a style profile so the Personal Stylists can determine what clothing choices to send you.

What You Get: Each box you receive contains clothing, accessories, and shoes explicitly chosen for you based upon your size and personal tastes. The choice is then yours to decide whether or not you’d like to keep the items that arrived in your box. If not, you’ll send them back. You will only incur charges if you choose to keep something.

Cost: Every month you’ll pay a $20 “styling fee.” This covers the cost of your personal stylist choosing clothes and accessories for you in your tastes and sizes.

If you choose to keep the products you receive in the mail, you can then use that $20 towards the cost of what you’re purchasing.

2) Fabletics

If you fancy yourself a bit of a workout fanatic and a fashionista at the same time, you’re going to love how Fabletics can stitch the two together.

How It Works: Just as with StitchFix, you’ll be required to take a style quiz before signing up for this program. They’ll ask you about what types of workouts you participate in, how much coverage you prefer and what some of your favorite colors are.

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You’ll then receive suggestions for clothing based upon your answers.

What You Get: Every month you’ll receive a 2 or 3 piece outfit. This sets Fabletics apart from other subscription boxes because you’re receiving an entire outfit and not just one piece.

Cost: If you choose to place an order, your first will be deeply discounted (usually 50% off). After your first month, you should expect to pay at least $50 USD per month for your outfits, though some cost more.

3) Adore Me Elite

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your romantic life or just searching for something deliciously sexy for your eyes only, the Adore Me Elite subscription program is calling your name.

How It Works When you sign up to be a member of this program, you’ll receive intimate clothing like lingerie, bra and panty sets and sleepwear every month. Similar to the above-listed programs, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire regarding your size, style preference, and what you hope to receive in the mail every month.

What You Get: Once you have your new intimates in hand, you have seven days to decide if you would like to keep them. If not, you’ll send them back and won’t be charged for them.

Cost: Similiar to StitchFix, Adore Me Elite charges you a $20 styling fee every month that you can then use towards any items you plan on purchasing.

4) Gwynnie Bee

One thing that sets Gwynnie Bee apart from other subscription boxes is the wide variety of sizes that they offer. From sizes 0 to 32, this company has you covered.

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How It Works: Gwynnie Bee is unique in that you can treat the clothing you receive every month as a rental. This is great for people who don’t like wearing the same clothes day after day. If you happen to find something in your box that you adore, you don’t have to send it back. You can choose to pay the purchase price and keep it for your closet.

You can keep your clothing items as long as you like, too, which is an incredibly unique feature of this subscription box.

What You Get: The number of clothing items you can have rented out at any given time depends entirely on the subscription level that you’ve chosen at sign up.

Cost: The price you’ll pay per month depends on how many pieces of clothing you’d like to have in your rotation at any given time. If you choose to have just one article of clothing, you’ll pay only $49; two items will cost you $69; three will be $95, all the way up to ten pieces for $199.

5) Le Tote

Whether you consider yourself a follower of trends, a trendsetter or just someone looking for professional clothing to get you through your workday, Le Tote has everything you need.

How It Works:  Just as with other boxes, you’ll first be required to answer a short questionnaire to gauge your personal style. If you’re not a fan of what the website suggests for you, you can feel free to curate your box yourself, though.

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What You Get: The number of items you’ll receive will depend on your subscription level. You can choose between clothing and accessories, too, which is a nice touch.

Cost: Subscriptions start at USD 79 per month for regular clothing and USD 89 for maternity styles. If you choose to keep an item that you received in your box, you’ll pay only 50% of the retail price.

6) Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak is a unique fashion subscription box because it offers options for both men and women’s styles. If you’re looking to shake up not only your closet but your partner’s as well, you may love what this company has to offer.

How It Works: As you may have already figured out, you’ll need to answer a style questionnaire to determine your tastes. The company’s Stylists will then choose clothing options based upon your answers.

What You Get: You will receive anywhere between three to five items per month in your Frank And Oak box. If you happen to dislike any of the things that your Stylist has chosen for you, you can cancel or switch it out for another item so long as you do this before the deadline. If you decide you don’t like any of the options at all, you can skip a month with no questions asked.

If you happen to love something that arrives in your box, keep it and get a deep discount on the retail price.

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Cost: As with other similar boxes we’ve already reviewed, you’ll be paying $25 per month for Stylist fees. If you choose to keep items from your box, you’ll use that fee will go towards what you’ve decided to purchase.

7) Wantable

 If you’re trying to choose between a fitness or fashion style box subscription, Wantable is going to be able to check both of those boxes for you.

How It Works: Wantable has three different box options to choose from – fashion, fitness, or men’s fitness. You’ll choose the one that appeals to you and then will need to take a style quiz to determine your tastes and budget. The fact that Wantable takes your budget into account is a definite bonus.

What You Get: You’ll receive seven curated-especially-for-you items in the mail every month. You can then choose which you would like to keep and return the rest.

Cost: You’ll be required to pay a $20 styling fee every month. This can apply to any clothing you choose to keep from your box. You can expect to pay around $50-$100 for each item in your box if you decide to keep any.

The Choice Is up to You

With over 7000 different choices, the world of subscription boxes isn’t going anywhere.

And why should it? Who doesn’t love getting gifts from themselves in the mail every month?

Now that you know which fashion subscription boxes are our absolute favorites, all you need to do is choose which one you’ll gift yourself first.

Leave a comment below with your favorite subscription box you’ve tried so far.

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