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11 Outfit Ideas to Highlight Your Curves

Show off those beautiful curves with a complimentary outfit! Here are 11 stunning outfit ideas for curvier women to try.

Plus size women living in the United States form around 67% of the total population. It may be difficult for these women to find outfits that fit them perfectly and accentuate their curves.

It’s quite easy to create an illusion of a body that is curvier than it actually is. There are belts that are designed to cinch your waist and make it look smaller. However, there are a number of other ways that you can accentuate your curves without having to clinch your waist.

If you’re a plus size lady and tend to feel squarish when wearing most of your clothes, there’s a way you can combine your outfits to look curvier. Aside from wearing bras that ensure your chest has a better shape and enhance your boobs, other outfits clinch your waist thus accentuating your curves.

Below are 11 outfit ideas to highlight your curves.

1. Head To The Tailor After Shopping Your Closet

Our aim is to ensure the clothes hug our curves. Thus, you can take your clothes to the tailor to reduce them and make them flatter your figure more. Also, taking your boxy tops to the tailor reduces the expenses of having to buy smaller clothes.

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2. Go For Color-blocking

Color-blocking your clothes helps in creating an illusion of curvier body shape. You can go for tops that color-block and have side panels that narrow around the waist. Only the middle panel will be visible as the other sides seem to fade away.

You can also shop for clothes that have horizontal color-blocking. These have one color below the waist and a different color above the waist. This works to create an illusion of a snatched waist although it may not be so obvious.

3. Go For Lower Necklines

High necklines make you appear boxy especially if they have the same color. However, deep Vs and other lower necklines draw more attention to your face by breaking up the area.

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You should wear a small gap where the two sides of a wrap top overlap to avoid the neckline from slipping throughout the day.

4. Tuck In Your Top When Wearing An A-line Skirt

Choose skirts that perfectly fit you around or at your natural waist. Also, avoid stiff fabrics that don’t hang firmly over your hips.

Bodysuits are the best when tucking in. They help you achieve the look without potential ride-ups and bunching.

5. Wear More Peplums

People have different views regarding peplums. Some of us hate them while others love them. However, the truth is that they are great outfits when you want to appear curvier.

You need to ensure that they fit you well and don’t just hang over your body. Also, you need to find peplums that have the same shape as an A-line skirt.

Whatever you’re putting on at the bottom should be high enough so that the waistband at the bottom of the peplum is not visible. Opt for pencil skirts that are below the knees or tight pants. These make your waist to appear smaller and your hips curvier.

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6. Try Out Off-Shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops draw a horizontal line across your arms and chest. This makes your waist look more snatched as it puts more emphasis on the wider section of your body. Consider wearing an off-shoulder top with an A-line or flared skirt.

Unlike a tight bandage bodycon dress, wearing these skirts creates an hourglass shape that is perfectly balanced and more comfortable and dramatic.

7. Wear A Crop Top With A Maxi Skirt

You can rock this look during the summer season, especially with bright colors. Go for a top that accentuates your waist and makes it look smaller.

Also, choose a maxi skirt with layers of colors to elongate your statue.

8. Choose A Matching Set

You can shop for a matching top with a matching skirt or pair of jeans. This look helps create more emphasis on your curves. The matching set should hug your curves in the right way but not be too tight.

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9. Try High-Waist Jeans

These jeans enlarge your curvy parts and make them look more round and sexy. If you’re a petite girl, especially, wearing high-waist jeans tends to lift your butt and create an illusion that it is bigger than it actually is.

You can pair high-waist jeans with a crop top, an off-shoulder top, a vest top, or a bodysuit. Any top that hugs the upper part of your body in the right way can go well with high-waist jeans. Crop tops and high-waist pants work best for women with an hourglass body shape.

Also, plus-size women tend to look curvier with high-waist jeans paired with a crop top.

10. Go For Trendy Animal Prints

Any form of animal prints places much attention to your outfit. Thus, if you want your curvy shape to be seen more, opt for animal prints.

Choose comfortable dresses, skirts, and tops with black and white or other animal prints. There are also tight animal printed pants that hug your curves perfectly and comfortably.

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11. Light-colored Or White Pants

This pants will place more attention on your backside and hips. Often we go for dark colored pants to achieve a flattering and slim look.

However, since here we are aiming at looking curvier, shop for more white than black pants.

Look Curvier By Embracing These Chic Outfit Ideas

It’s now much easier to make your outfit focus more on your curves regardless of the shape of your body. What you wear goes a long way in determining the way people perceive your body shape.

For both plus-size and petite women, outfits such as high-waist jeans, crop tops, and off-shoulder tops create an illusion of a curvier shape. In addition, body con dresses hug your curves tightly making you appear curvier.

If you’re a plus-size woman with large curves, opt for a colorful or white pair of jeans. These ensure more attention is placed on the lower part of your body.

Visit our page for more outfit ideas to make you look curvier.

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