Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 7 Upcycled Clothing Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Don’t throw away that old t-shirt – upcycle it! Here are seven upcycled clothing projects that you’ll actually want to add to your wardrobe.

Your closet is getting a little full so you’re sifting through it to toss out things that you don’t wear anymore. You do have a lot of cute clothes though. It feels like a shame to get rid of them but then again, some of them do have a hole in them here and there. 

Instead of tossing out these holy t-shirts, upcycle them! All you need is a pair of scissors, a needle, and some thread and you can transform them into an adorable dress!

To help you in your DIY endeavors, here are seven upcycled clothing projects that you have to try out.

1. Side-Stripe Pants 

Got a pair of jeans that’s too plain for you? Instead of tossing them out, add a bit of color to them with a velvet stripe. Grab a velvet ribbon of whatever color you want and measure it so it goes all the way down the side of your pants leg. 

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From there tape it onto the pants with iron-on adhesive tape. The end result will be a simple yet tasteful pop of color on your jeans that will have everyone asking you where you got them. 

2. Turn a Long Dress into a Cute Top

You’ve probably heard of turning an old baggy shirt into a dress but have you heard of turning an old dress into a top? It’s possible and easy to do. if you accidentally bought a dress that looked cute on the rack but makes you look like a potato sack then grab a pair of scissors. 

Cut the dress to whatever size you want it to be and then add any extra textures and designs from there. After you got it looking the way you like, hem up the bottom and pair it with your favorite of jeans or leggings. 

3. Take Bleach to Pants

If you’re an artist then we have the perfect project idea for you. It involves a bleach pen and your favorite pair of black pants or leggings. Uncap the pen and go to town with your creative soul.

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The sky is sort of the limit with this one because you can literally do whatever you want. If you’re not much of an artist and still want to try this out, you can buy cute stencils from the store and trace on the perfect design.  

4. Glitter Up an Old Pair of Shoes 

When you have a favorite pair of shoes everyone can tell. They become beaten and battered after a while. Once they get past that point of no return instead of breaking your heart by throwing them out, you can still save them. 

Grab any colored glitter and fabric glue. Cover the worn spots with the glue and then dose the area with glitter. You don’t want to leave a glitter trail wherever you walk so add on a second layer of glue on top of the glitter to keep it in place. 

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If you don’t like the flashiness of glitter, you don’t have to use it. You can pretty much use anything. Bedazzle it with diamond studs if you want. 

5. T-shirt into a Crop Top 

Nothing is worse than getting a hole in your favorite shirt. If the hole is near the bottom of the shirt you can still wear it. You’ll just have to turn it into a crop top.

All you’ll need for this job is measuring tape, a fabric pen, and scissors. Put the shirt on and mark the place on the shirt where you want to cut using your the tape and pen. When you’re doing this give yourself a little wiggle room in case you want to hem it.  

6. Turn a Men’s T-Shirt into an Adorable Dress 

Does your boyfriend or husband have a shirt that you’ve commandeered for yourself? You can turn this comfortable top into a comfortable dress. With his permission of course. 

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All you have to do is sew in some tulle to the bottom inside of the shirt and boom. You’ve got a dress. If you have a daughter you can use the same method to make all of her school dresses. 

You’ll need to cut it to size a little before you add in the tulle but the end result will be a dress that your little girl will never tire of wearing. 

7. The Classic Jeans into Shorts

We’re ending this list with an upcycled project that people have been doing for ages. Turning your worn, holy jeans into shorts. Like with the crop top put them on and measure how short you want them to be. 

If you skip that step you’ll end up with shorts that aren’t long enough to even pass the most lenient of school dress codes. Once you’ve measured them, take them off and cut them. Again, leave wiggle room so you can hem them if you don’t want the frayed bottom look. 

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If your new shorts have a hole in the butt, you can use some of the extra fabric to make a neat patch for them if you’d like as well. 

Upcycled Clothing that You’ll Actually Want in Your Closet 

Don’t throw out the worn and holy clothes that you once loved and cherished. Upcycle them instead. With these upcycled clothing projects you can turn an old shirt into a dress, a pair of leggings into an artistic masterpiece, or a save an old pair of shoes with glitter. The only limit is your imagination. 

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