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Secret Tips How You Can Save Money On Clothes

Love clothes but hate your wallet being empty? Don’t worry, shopping doesn’t have to be so expensive. Here’s how to save money on clothes.

We all love going clothes shopping, don’t we? After all, clothes are fun, expressive, and… expensive.

If you’re a shopaholic with a closet bursting at the seams, yet you have an empty wallet, it might be time to rethink your shopping habits.

Don’t worry – we’re not saying you should go cold turkey and quit the shopping. Instead, let’s look at ways to save money while buying new clothes, and how you can make the most out of the garments you already own.

Here’s how to look like you spent big bucks on your look without breaking the bank.

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Shop out of Season

We know, it’s exciting to buy clothing pre-season. There’s nothing like warming up for summer by buying a lightweight dress and snazzy bikini in spring, ready for the season. Here’s the catch – if you buy in anticipation for the next season, you’ll always be paying full retail price.

Retailers know their game, after all!

Instead, if you shop for what’s not happening, you’ll manage to grab all the bargains. Sure, it might feel weird buying a cozy knit in the middle of summer, but you’ll be grateful once winter comes along and you’ve got your warm clothes ready for wearing. Plus, it will be a nice surprise finding that snuggly sweater you bought all those months ago.

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While regular stores may not sell opposite season’s clothes in-store, you can usually find tonnes of out of season items on sale online.

Hit the Thrift Shops

For the best bargains, you can’t get much better than shopping in a thrift shop. If it’s one that supports a charity, you’re even doing good as you shop!

However, thrift shopping isn’t for everyone. While the rewards can be high (hello bargain designer shoes!), you’re going to spend a lot of time digging and exploring various shops. And if an item isn’t in your size, you’re out of luck.

We think this is all part of the fun, though!

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Just make sure you’re shopping at a genuine thrift store and not a vintage clothing shop. While thrift shops are full of both new and old pieces at bargain prices, vintage clothes shops often sell older, trendy pieces at a high mark-up.

Explore eBay

Just like with thrift shops, if you have the time and energy you can find incredible bargains on clothing on eBay. Just prepared to search and bid ‘til your heart’s content!

If you know exactly which brand or type of clothing you’re looking for, it makes the search a whole lot easier. Just pop in your favorite designer and voila, you can see what’s available.

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Remember, when shopping on eBay or anywhere else online you can’t see or try anything on before you buy, so proceed with caution!

eBay is chock full of counterfeit and knockoff goods so if you’ve discovered a designer bag that’s listed at a price that seems too good to be true – it probably is. Don’t be afraid to ask sellers questions and have a browse of their profiles to see what else they’re selling.

Large numbers of the same item can be dodgy, while a variety of different items from the same designer can be a good sign. Be sure to read their reviews too – other buyers will let you know if a seller is legit or not.

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Don’t Be Afraid of DIY

No, we’re not saying you should make clothes – that sounds like more trouble than it’s worth!

Instead, learn the basics of sewing so you can breathe new life into old pieces of clothing to save you rushing out to the mall every weekend. Bored of a cardigan? Give it a makeover by replacing the buttons with a new funky option.

Learning basic sewing also means that instead of throwing away torn clothes and spending money to replace them, you can simply fix them yourself. Not only is it a money-saving, but it’s also eco-friendly too!

Need some inspiration? Here are seven upcycled clothing ideas you’ll actually want to wear.

Ready to Save Some Dollar on Clothes?

Follow our shopping tips and tricks, and both your bank account and wardrobe will thank you! Fancy saving even more cash? Here’s how to save money on your beauty routine. You’ll be looking drop-dead gorgeous on a budget before you know it!

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