15 Ways to Be More Present Everyday

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Take a moment and breathe. In our fast-paced world, it’s hard to be present at all times. Here are 15 ways to be more present in your everyday life.

Do you find yourself going around in circles with your mind? Or get distracted by thoughts about the future that you forget how much life has in store for you in the present?

Well, these are some of the signs that you’re not living in the “now” moment.

You’ve probably heard somewhere that the “present” is all that exists and if you’re not here “now” then, you aren’t really living.

Being in the moment liberates you to experience life more fully and feel more alive.

Staying present is, however, a lot easier said than done. As habits don’t form overnight, applying mindfulness to your daily routine entails reconditioning your mind gradually over time.

Here are 15 ways to be present in your everyday life, to make mindfulness a little easier for you. That way, you can be present at all times, even in our fast-paced world.

1. Daily Gratitude

Gratitude doesn’t mean appreciating only the big things in life, but rather everything good.

Whether it’s the beautiful flowers in the garden or how fast the food delivery guy delivered your lunch, there’s nothing too small not to be appreciated.

Ensure that you spare some time each day to write down in your journal all the things you’re grateful for.

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This will help you keep track of all the positives in your life. This also shifts your mind from not seeing problems but instead seeing solutions.

2. Identify the Moment

Whenever you find yourself deep in thoughts about your past or future, take a moment to breathe deeply and recognize the moment you’re in.

Take in any sounds or smells in your surroundings, be mindful of the people around you and how you feel.

This helps you to be mindful of what’s going on around you without getting wrapped up in worry-land. Focusing only on your surrounding and all that’s happening helps you see things from a different, calmer perspective.

3. Practice Mindfulness

Carve out time every day to develop mindfulness as it requires patience, energy, and dedication.

Whether it’s by taking nature walks, meditation, or yoga, ensure that you focus on your breathing and intentionally be present.

Feel the breath as it goes into your lungs, your heart beating, and the feel of the wind on your skin.

4. Listen Without Planning to Respond

Sometimes you just have to listen without responding. When engaged in a conversation, many are the times you worry about what to respond and little pay attention to what’s being said.

You should be in the present moment for you to pay attention and understand what’s being said.

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Mindfulness during conversations also entails listening without judgment or thinking about what you’ll say in response.

5. Be Okay Without All of the Answers

Not knowing all the answers to every other question is part of the beautiful journey of life.

In fact, you shouldn’t know everything. If you knew everything, you wouldn’t find life interesting and feel the excitement at the little achievements.

You should try carving out time each day for being quiet and having peace with yourself by accepting you didn’t have all the answers to the situations that came to you. This will allow you to be more mindful and present of your surroundings all day.

6. Listen to Your Body

The capacity to be mindful of the body is crucial to liberating the mind.  One of the effective ways that you can be present in your life is to create awareness of the body.

The next time you’re walking down the street or even brushing your teeth, try to maintain constant awareness of your body and observe how it affects your mental state

7. Deal Mindfully with Your Feelings

The key to overcoming challenging emotions is through mindfulness. If you usually analyze your feelings a lot and try all ways to change them, you should consider sitting with your guilt, shame, anger, or any other emotion you’re experiencing.  

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Once you’re aware of your emotions, don’t push it away, rather accept that it’s present. By doing so, you’ll gain the strength to calm and soothe yourself.

8. Minimize Distractions to Be Present

What do you think when you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner? Do you pay attention to the food’s aroma or how well you’re slicing the onions?

Or do you worry that the food might be disgusting or overcooked?  Most chances are, you’re probably thinking about something, not related to whatever you’re currently doing.

That’s why you should do away with all forms of distractions and improve your ability to focus on the present activities.

9. Commute to Work Mindful

Whether you commute to work by train or bus, always be mindful of the other passengers and recognize that they may as well be feeling uncomfortable. Mindful of your journey and the way you feel about it.

10. Savor Your Rituals

Everyone has some little rituals that he or she does every day. For some, it’s enjoying a cup of tea or coffee after work as it gives them some calm and peaceful moment every day.

Instead of stumbling to the teapot half asleep and gulping all of it, you can savor a morning ritual around this habit.

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11. Have an Eating Routine

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner routine, consider setting aside time each day to enjoy a real meal.

Always ensure you sit down to eat and really relish your scrumptious meal.  The thing is to slow down and be mindful while eating, instead of shoveling food in your face while leaning on the desk.

12. Plan and still Flow with the Day

Planning for the next day’s activities doesn’t only save you time, but also gives you a chance to apply whatever you’ve learned on that day.

This, however, denies us a chance to go with the flow. No matter how much you plan, ensure that you’re flexible enough in how you manage your everyday life.

Doing this makes your life calmer and simpler to help you focus on both important things, and whatever comes your way.

13. Turn Off Your Smartphone

You don’t have to spend every little time you have scrolling through your social media accounts.

Sometimes you just need to turn off your phone and computer and have time for yourself. Spend this time with your family or focus on something that adds value to your life. You can choose to go for a walk or read a book. 

14. Take a Deep Breath

With today’s fast-paced life, everything can easily turn hectic and tiring for you. In such times, all you’re left with to be “present” is your breathing.

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Taking several deep breathes smoothly is one of the most effective ways to bring yourself back to the present.

15. Organize Your Life

The environment you’re in often affects the way you feel. It’s almost impossible to be present when everything in your house or office is cluttered all over.

Think about it; if your home is messy, you can’t locate your car key, and you’re running late for a meeting. It’s pretty hard for your mind to focus, right?

For you to focus and be present, you have to spend time daily to organize your life.

Practice Mindfulness to Be Present Every Time

Being present in the moment can bring about a remarkable change in our lives. It can help us to be mindful of our surroundings, become aware of our emotions and be gentle with them, and accept them as they are.

Living in the present offers us greater inner peace while we make room for the full range of life experiences.

For you to be present all the time, you should have unmatched dedication and patience with yourself while practicing the above-listed habits.

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