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How To Save Money On Your Beauty Routine

You have a strict beauty routine, but my is it expensive! Want to learn how to cut costs while still looking fabulous? Here’s how to save money on your beauty routine.

Let’s be real – looking good is expensive! It always seems like our favorite beauty products are either empty or low and then it’s time to splurge again.

Fortunately, there are some super easy ways to save money on your beauty routine without skimping on quality products. Ready to discover them? Read on.

Yay for budget-friendly glamour!

Use Less

It may seem simple, but one of the easiest ways to save money on your beauty routine is by simply using less product.

We’re all guilty of slathering on the shampoo and conditioner when in reality it’s wasteful.

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Most bottles of shampoo and conditioner recommend using a dime-sized amount, so try to stick to this! You’ll be surprised just how far product can go – you don’t need that entire palm full!

If you feel that you do need more product than a dime-sized amount – say if you have long or thick hair – then experiment until you find a small amount that works for you.

Likewise, you can use less product while also preserving your hair color by washing it less. Over time, your locks will naturally become accustomed to how often it’s washed, so it won’t even feel greasy between wash days.

Go Large

Those teeny travel sized bottles may look cute, but they come at a price. With these small products, you never get good value for money.

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Instead, opt for the largest size you can. They’ll last a lot longer and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Opt For Multi-Purpose Makeup

Investing in high-quality multi-tasking makeup is a great way to save on your beauty routine without having to cut out quality brands. While you may be spending more on one product, you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

Red or pink lipstick, for example, can double up as a rosy blusher if you blend it well. You’d never know the difference!

Likewise, that shimmery eyeshadow you use for the odd night out can work as a glimmering highlight for your cheekbones, too.

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Have a look in your makeup bag – it’s likely you already have some products that can work double duty.

Recycle Packaging

Did you know that some beauty brands allow you to recycle packaging in return for a new product or store discount?

MAC is one of those brands. With their Back to MAC program, you just need to bring in six empty product containers, and you’ll be gifted a brand shiny new lipstick to rock. A new lipstick while also helping the environment? Winning!

Cancel Beauty Box Subscriptions

While every beauty box subscriber loves nothing more than receiving a cute box full of sample-size products every month, is it worth it?

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While it’s fun and exciting, these monthly payments do add up. And let’s face it – how many of these random products do you actually finish?

While beauty box subscriptions are a good way of trying out new products you wouldn’t usually choose, it’s simply wasteful if you’re just receiving a bunch of unused products that will eventually be chucked away.

If your shelves are full of sample-size products and sachets, another way of saving money is to make a point of using them all up. After all, it’s so easy to forget about those tiny unopened bottles sitting at the back of the cabinet.

Force yourself to stop buying face wash, for example, until you’ve used every sachet and miniature bottle of face wash up.

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Treat Your Skin to Homemade Face Masks

We all love treating our skin to a face mask at the weekend – often you feel like a completely new person afterward!

However, face masks are notoriously pricey, and those relaxing treats add up.

Ditch the pre-made face masks and make your own at home. It’s cheaper, and your skin will adore the natural ingredients.

Did you know that a banana face mask will moisturize your skin and can also help clear up acne? Simply mash together a medium-sized banana, a few spoonfuls of honey, and a sizeable scoop of plain yogurt. Apply to skin and leave for 15 minutes before gently rinsing your face.

Ready to Save Money on Your Beauty Routine?

We bet you didn’t know it could be so easy to save some dollar on your beauty routine! Following these tips, you’re sure to save some cash while still looking stunning.

Keen to save even more dosh? Check out our ten simple ways to start saving money today.

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