6 Genius Styling Hacks To Slay Your Everyday Outfits

We share with you the most well-guarded secrets of every stylish woman. Discover how to be stylish in your everyday outfits with our genius styling hacks.

In the U.S., the average female owns 103 clothing pieces. That many clothes give them something different to wear for at least three months! Even if they change outfits three times a day, they still have enough to last them for a month.

The thing is, having something to wear doesn’t automatically mean one can wear it in style. Donning expensive designer items won’t cut it if one doesn’t know the basics of how to be stylish. In fact, you can give your everyday outfits a fresh feel with some easy, DIY fashion hacks.

Ready to learn all about these fashion tips for women and how to work them into your wardrobe? Then let’s get this list of fashion hacks started!

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1. The Golden Rule of How to Be Stylish: Be Comfortable with What You Wear

Wear too loose or too tight clothes, and you’re sure to feel overly self-conscious. That’ll show up on your mannerisms, such as always tugging on a too-tight blouse.

There are exceptions to the rule, such as if they’re intentionally baggy, like a comfy pull-over. Another good exception is an upcycled men’s shirt that you can turn into a comfortable top or dress.

The bottom line is, ill-fitting clothes not only cramp your style but also restrict blood flow. In some cases, such as too-tight denim or gartered bottoms, they may even cause acid reflux.

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2. Knot It Up

Speaking of loose shirts, one of the best style tips to make them look more fab is to tie them up into a knot. For instance, instead of tucking a plaid shirt into your midi skirt, you can tie the shirt tails instead. This’ll let you show off your shape and polish your final look.

You can also do this for cute, but shapeless or straight-cut dresses. For tees, get creative and position the knot on one side. You can also fold the sleeves if you want to go for the sporty but cute look.

3. Belt Down Your Layers

Layering up is one of the most important comfort and fashion style tips for the colder seasons. Sometimes though, one layer too many can make the final look too bulky and unflattering. A quick solution to this is to belt down all those layers to emphasize your shape.

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Fashion Pro Tip: Choose a dress made of thinner fabric for your first layer. Top that off with a cardigan or a vest before you put the belt on.

4. Cuff Instead of Cut

You’ve seen a pair of jeans that you really like and it fits you great, except that it’s a little too long. Don’t let that stop you from buying it — but instead of bringing it to an alteration shop, simply cuff it up. Two, half-inch wide rolls will do the trick to let you flaunt your slim ankles and of course, your nice kicks.

5. Partner Up Plains with a Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket is one of the fashion essentials you should have in your wardrobe. For one, because it goes well with almost everything. Second, it can transform even your plain tees and tops into a dressier outfit that you’ll rock even at the office.

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6. Swap Your Usual Necklace with a Scarf

If it’s not too warm, you can tie a thinner scarf ’round your neck to breathe in new life to your usual outfits. This way, you don’t have to keep wearing the same neck accessories, even if they’re your favorite.

If you usually wear and accessorize with black pieces, choose a scarf that’s not in that shade. You can also stick to a black kerchief, but it’s a good idea to wear one that has small patterns in a different color.

Stylish Need Not Be Expensive

There you have it, the easiest ways on how to be stylish and give even your regular outfits a much-needed upgrade. Of course, it’s best that you invest in clothing made of quality materials, so they can last you for many years. Then, follow these pieces of fashion advice so you can wear them in different ways and settings.

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Ready for more hacks on how to be a stylish, chic woman without looking like you tried too hard? Then make sure you check out the rest of the tips and tricks we have in our site’s Fashion category!

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