Make a Statement: How to Choose the Perfect Casual Club Outfit

Do you want to stand out the next time you and your friends hit the club? Here’s how to make a statement with the perfect casual club outfit.

Worried about what to wear tomorrow at the club?

Ladies who are looking for the slinkiest sequin dress in the closet don’t have to worry. Guys who don’t care what they wear can also relax, because dressing for the club is easier than ever. You can focus more on who will be there than your outfit.

Here’s why: a casual club outfit is perfectly acceptable these days. You don’t have to pull out all the stops. We have all the rules to follow (there’s only one) and some specific suggestions below to make your fashion choices easy. 

Why Go Casual?

Clubbing used to be an excuse to put on your sexiest outfit and try to impress the bouncers so they would let you in. These days it’s more about the dancing and the experience than the impression you leave behind. That opens up a whole new world of casual comfort options you never had before.

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Going to the club is for having fun, and who can have fun if they’re uncomfortable? Instead of trying to paste on a smile and pretend you’re having fun dancing when your feet are killing you, rearrange your outfit so that you can wear your favorite comfortable shoes instead. Then you won’t have to fake it all night long.

Being casual also helps you relax in an environment designed to create fear to keep you buying more alcohol. If you can stave off the negative emotions and focus on the positive ones, you should, and dressing in a more casual outfit can help you remain calm.

Choose Which Elements to Keep Casual

Going clubbing still requires a certain amount of dressing up, but it’s okay to go more casual than in the past. The main thing to keep in mind is that you don’t choose all casual fashion elements. Some clubs still have a dress code, so make sure you consider that as you get ready or they may not let you in.

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For the Ladies

If you dress up the top, you can go casual on bottom with canvas sneakers that are part of the fashion essentials already in your wardrobe. Or if you dress up the bottom with lace-up block heels, you can dress down on top with a plain tee and a jacket.

Remember you’ll be too casual for the club if you dress down all over. But if you’re desperate to wear those fantastic jeans with the rips in the knees, then it won’t be too casual if you mix in some dressier options. Add a blazer and some heels and you’ll be all set.

For the Gents

As long as the fit is right, you’ll look great in whatever you wear. The reverse is also true; if your clothes are too baggy or too tight, you’ll look unkempt. There’s a reason celebrities have all their clothes custom made and tailored to their exact measurements.

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You can achieve a confident, sexy style without having to wear your best slacks and a fancy shirt.

The same rule about choosing a few casual elements goes for you, not only the ladies. For example, you can pair casual, well-fitting jeans and a tee with dressier shoes (we’d recommend some nice boots) and a leather jacket. Or try nicer pants with your Converse shoes or Sperrys, paired with a Henley with sleeves rolled up and buttons undone.

Specific Casual Club Outfit Ideas and Inspiration

With the principle above in place, we can move on to specific ideas. Here are deliberate ways to mix casual and dressy without looking weird.

For the Ladies

Wearing black and white to the club helps you appear dressier, even if you’re still in jeans. To harness a more formal look and still feel comfortable, try black jeans and a plain white tee, then add some statement jewelry to complete the style. Or switch it up and pair white jeans with a plain black tee or tank.

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You can also dress up an outfit with matching shoes and handbag. By pairing chic pointy-toe stilettos with a matching leather bag, you pull the whole thing together. The same can be said of any matching shoe/bag combo, whether you embrace the dazzle of glitter and sequins or go with a more understated lace.

For the Gents

Black and white works for you, too, to pull casual and formal together. In fact, black jeans and a plain white tee are a great choice, like for the ladies. Or you can try the same idea of white jeans with a black tee.

Instead of having costume jewelry to dress it up, though, try a neat and tidy hairstyle or a nice blazer. You can also add a sexy hat and a nice watch, necklace, or bracelet.

You can pair a button-down shirt with more fitted slacks like slim-fit chinos, and then add a casual hairstyle and hat along with casual shoes.

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Keep in mind that dressing in layers can really help your comfort level and your style. Get in the door with a nice jacket, and then take it off as the room heats up and you’re moving on the dance floor. As long as you have short sleeves underneath, you’ll be able to stay a little cooler than if you chose a sweater or long-sleeved button down.

Making A Statement

If you’ve surveyed your closet and still can’t find a casual club outfit, remember that you don’t have to stress over it too much. As long as you follow the one rule of keeping some elements dressier, you’ll be fine.

Have more fun dancing when you worry less about your outfit, and encourage your friends to do the same.

For more fashion advice, read our other blog posts about how to dress for specific events.

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