10 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Think your closet is complete? Don’t be so sure! Here are ten must-have wardrobe basics every fashionable woman should own.

Are you interested in keeping up with the hottest trends and the future of fashion? If you are, then you do know that trends change yearly, and some items go out of style. Some of the items you feel like you can never wear again. However, there are some wardrobe basics, which never go out of style.

Every occasion brings with it the need for you to change your style, and most of the time, you find yourself stressing over what to buy, and which trends to imitate. Instead of waiting for occasions to force you into purchasing things, why not put together a timeless wardrobe, which will cater to your fashion needs at all times.

You can do that by stocking up your wardrobe with some wardrobe basics.

Here are ten must-have wardrobe basics every fashionable woman should own.

1. Quality Denim Jeans Top the List of Wardrobe Basics

A pair of quality denim jeans is the number one must-have wardrobe basic item in a woman’s wardrobe, and the best thing about owning denim jeans is that you can wear them to almost any occasion, and get away with it.

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The best way to stock up your jeans collection is to buy a variety of them in different styles and colors. You need jeans that require light wash, and those which to need to be medium washed.

Make sure you also own dark jeans, especially black ones. Additionally, if your jeans come in different styles: skinny, slim fit, and many more, you will not regret spending your money on them.

2. Black Leather Jacket

Every fashionable woman needs a quality black leather jacket in her closet. Invest in one, wear it with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, throw on your favorite shoe, and prepare for anything your day throws at you.

You can wear this look for a night out, or when meeting up with friends during the day to add flavor to a rather weak outfit. With a leather jacket, you will achieve that badass look that many women desire but never know how to achieve. Take good care of your jacket and it will definitely serve you for a long time.

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3. Canvas Sneakers

You can wear sneakers with trousers, shorts, pencil skirts, or even a fitting dress, and with the right combination, you can wear sneakers with most of your outfits. Additionally, canvas sneakers are the most comfortable shoes for you to wear when running errands.

Sandals are nice and comfortable for errands, but sneakers also work well. Be diverse. Slay those canvas sneakers. You will not regret investing in a pair or two.

4. A Fabulous Blazer

Blazers are some of the fashion items you can easily come across when you go shopping and not have to pay much for. When buying a blazer, you do not want to go for a tight one, but instead, choose blazers that feel snug, so that your motion is not limited.

You do not want to go dancing in one only for it to tear around your armpits because it was too tight. That would be embarrassing. The best things about blazers, is that they exist in different styles and you can get blazers for all occasions, so whether you want one for the office or one for the weekend, stay calm because blazers come in all styles.

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5. A Comfortable Cardigan

There are days where you do not want to look so bold in a blazer, so on such days, you should wear a comfortable cardigan with a pair of jeans or any other outfit you desire. Add a comfortable cardigan to the list of your closet essentials, and get a feeling of comfort that will help you get through the busiest of days.

6. A Plain White T-Shirt

Plain t-shirts are perfect for casual days when you are going about your normal day, and a white one, for that matter is simply perfect. Make sure you get yourself a plain white T-shirt, which you can pair with your leather jacket, denim jeans, and canvas shoes.

If you do not like this combination, go ahead and pair your tee with another outfit of your choice. However, just like leather jackets, you need to take extra care of a white top. You know what would happen if you do not.

7. Formal Pants

Whether you work in an office or not, you need to have a pair of formal pants in your wardrobe. Wearing formal pants will give you that confident look you need and will make you stand out like the power woman you are. There are days when you do not feel like wearing jeans but need to step out of the house.

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You can wear a pair of formal pants on such days, especially for a lunch date. Go get yourself a pair and match it with a casual top when going for a casual look.

8. Ballet Flat Shoes and Heels

Every fashionable woman needs a pair of flat ballet shoes for all seasons and occasions. You can wear flat shoes with everything in your closet, from jeans, to dresses, to skirts, as long as you know how to pair them correctly.

In the same way, a pair of heels will not disappoint you if you pair it well with your favorite outfit.

You know that heels do not just make you look good, they also make you feel like a million bucks with all the confidence that they ooze out of you.

9. A Silk Blouse

You can never go wrong with a silk blouse, so purchase silk blouses in a variety of colors, and wear it like a pro. To many women, silk is not a good option because of the way they wear it. The best part is, you can wear a silk top to work and for a night out.

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10. A Little Black Dress

Last, but definitely not at all least, every fashionable woman needs to own a perfect little black dress. A little black dress is perfect for you when you are going for a night out with friends and you can pair it with a leather jacket, and a nice pair of shoes.

Buy a little black dress that fits your body. You do not want to look like you are wearing another person’s dress. If you do not know how to dress your body, consult fashion experts.

Fashion Lovers, You Are Now Set to Go with These Wardrobe Basics

Stock up your closet with these wardrobe basics and you will no longer need to worry about what to wear to occasions. You do not have to worry about money because items such as blazers come at affordable prices.

Ladies, don’t get caught up in a situation where you cannot attend an occasion because your wardrobe disappointed you.

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