9 of the Best Products to Sell Online from Home

Selling products from home is an increasingly common way of doing business. Find out the nine best products to sell online from home here.

If you want to make money with the ultimate side hustle, think about starting your own eCommerce business. Knowing which products to sell online from home gives you a head start to having unbelievable sales from home.

Here is a list of the top trending products selling online right now. All you have to do is market the products that you like. Do this by creating ads and content showing how the products can solve your buyers’ problems.

You’ll be amazed at the incredible sales you can make when your products relate to what people want.

Are you ready to get started with your profitable online business? Read more about popular products to start selling online.

1. Shapewear

Shapewear is an evergreen product featuring skyrocket sales in the fashion wear niche. This isn’t your grandmother’s vintage girdle. It’s a bodysuit that gives your body support for a slimming look. Wherever your body needs a little tuck, shapewear works.

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You can sell shaping collections in the following styles:

  • Panties
  • Bodysuits
  • Leggings
  • Shorts
  • Tees
  • Mid-thighs

The shapewear fashion niche offers your women’s audience what they need to build their confidence by looking and feeling slim and appealing. Not only that, it might be just what you need to rev up your online revenue.

2. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the superstars of online sales. These high-tech fashion accessories are top wearables for women, men, and kids. From the Apple Watch, Fitbits and Garment trackers, these geeky accessories offer your buyers fully functional GPS tracking, health monitoring, internet and voice search, as well as phone answering.

Selling smartwatches online could make you an eCommerce guru. They predict that by 2022, smartwatch sales will increase to $73 billion in the U.S. Try your hand at taking in part of this money-making trend.

3. STEM Toys

The rise of STEM toys started around 2013 and has been increasing ever since. These are educational toys focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Parents buy STEM toys hoping to arm their kids with problem-solving, cognitive, and motor skills.

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You can even sell STEM toy subscriptions that send kids a new toy every month. What kid wouldn’t like that?

You can capitalize on these trending items, helping parents give their kids fun ways to develop critical thinking, confidence, and discover new things.

4. Drones

From selling mini to full-size drones and quadcopters, these are the products that can make you tons of money online. These small flying machines are trending all over the world. Most of them come with a mounted camera for filming the terrain they fly over.

You can fly mini-copters in the house, which make them great for kids or adults. Full-size drones are in huge demand with hobbyists who have flying contests and conferences to get together with other drone enthusiasts.

When selling drones, you attract all kinds of buyers because the prices vary from a few dollars to expensive items. This makes drone selling popular for kids gifts or serious collectors. Drone manufacturers expect consumer sales to triple by 2021.

5. Maternity Apparel

As far as products to sell, maternity clothes never go out of style. You’ll always have mothers-to-be looking for stylish maternity wear for work, home, and leisure. You could be the one to help them find what they need during their pregnancies, making them look stunning and feel comfortable.

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Help women celebrate their pregnancies and their baby bumps with fashion that acknowledges their changing figures. Let them know it’s cool and powerful to have a baby.

Trending items in maternity wear are maternity bras, body-hugging pieces, loose, comfortable tops, and billowy dresses. Today’s millennial moms want comfort and style that you can give them by selling these popular products online.

6. Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle accessories can make you amazing income with online sales. The surge in smart cars and digital vehicle accessories make it the perfect time to jump into selling these trending items. Take a look at some of the top-sellers in automotive accessories:

  • Car projectors
  • Rear cameras
  • Self-powered jumper cables
  • USB chargers
  • Dash camera
  • Wireless smartphone car charger

These are just a few of the sizzling digital vehicle products to sell online.

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7. Pet Supplies

Pet supplies and accessories are always lucrative products to sell. Whether you’re selling products for cats, dogs, reptiles, or fish, the market is bursting with sales.
Pet owners consider their dogs and cats part of the family.

They love buying their pets new accessories, such as collars, leashes, jackets, and booties. These are fun products to market, especially if you love animals.

Other trending products are related to pets’ health. For example, senior dogs need joint supplements and lift harnesses when they have trouble walking.

Supplying your buyers with these products give them peace of mind when they’re trying to alleviate the joint pain in their senior pets.

8. Exercise Equipment

Getting in shape is on everyone’s mind today. You can sell exercise products as simple as resistance exercise bands and yoga mats to high-priced items like treadmills and exercise bikes.

In addition to the exercise equipment, there’s a huge market for cooling towels, sustainable water bottles, lifting gloves, and much more. Getting on board with exercise equipment that sells can help you build a profitable online business.

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9. Sunglasses

Health-conscious consumers not only worry about the UV rays on their skin; they worry about how it hurts their eyes. Sunglasses are a booming market that you could take part in to make money from home.

These UV protection sunglasses are available in styles for business, sports, and everyday wear. Plus, they’re affordable. Not only can you make some money,  but you can help people protect their eyes from harmful ultra-violet light that damages their eyes.

You Won’t Believe all the Products to Sell Online from Home

Now that you know the best nine products to sell online from home, it’s time to get started with your eCommerce business. Just choose your niche, market your product, and enjoy selling from home.

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