7 Beach Hacks That You Need to Know This Summer

It’s summer, so it’s time to visit those sandy beaches yet again. Conquer your trip to the beach like a pro with these beach hacks that you need to know.

Summer is here and so is your beach vacation! If you’re one of the over 58 million people heading to the beach this year, make sure you know how to make your trip a breeze. 

The beach is great, but sometimes it’s a hassle. Sand, salt water, and tons of stuff mean it takes a lot of prep work to get ready for the beach and to get set up once you’re there. 

We’ve got 7 beach hacks that you’ll definitely want to know before you hit the road. 

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1. Get a Portable Lockbox for Your Valuables

Do you always worry about your wallet, keys, and cell phone when you leave your beach spot to head to the water? You can get a portable lockbox for your valuables that you attach to a beach umbrella, wagon, or beach chair to keep your stuff safe. 

Or, if you’d rather have your stuff with you, you can get a waterproof dry bag that you can actually wear in the water. It will keep everything dry and you’ll always know where your valuables are.

2. Use Baby Powder To Get Sand Off

It isn’t a trip to the beach without bringing sand home with you, right? If you’d rather keep the sand at the beach and out of your car and house, bring some baby powder with you. Sprinkle baby powder on your skin and the sand will rub right off. 

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3. Bring a Baby Pool for Your Kids

A trip to the beach with kids isn’t exactly the relaxing trip to the beach of your past. If your kids hate sand, saltwater, or are too young to really venture far into the ocean, considering bringing a blow-up kids pool.

They can keep cool in the water if they’re not yet crawling (but can sit up), you have a place to contain them, and you can keep the sand out. 

Just don’t forget an air pump to blow it up! 

4. Use a Sled to Pull Your Stuff 

If you don’t have a beach wagon, you can save yourself some stress by pulling out your winter sled! Use this to pull your cooler, chairs, towels, and beach toys to the perfect spot on the sand! 

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5. Use a Fitted Sheet to Keep Sand Out

No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to keep sand off towels and flat beach blankets. Instead, bring a fitted sheet. Turn it upside down and secure it in each corner (use a cooler and other stuff you have to hold it down in the corners) and voila, you have a sand-free space to sit and play! 

6. Use Frozen Water Bottles to Chill Your Drinks

Instead of lugging a cooler filled with loose ice or ice packs (which you’ll have to lug off the beach later), freeze a couple of bottles of water and use those to cool your other drinks and snacks. As they melt, you’ll have extra drinks for the day.

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7. Pick a Spot Near the Lifeguard Stand

How many times have you gone in the water and then forgotten where your stuff is? On a crowded beach with lots of similar chairs and umbrellas, it’s easy to forget where you set up. If you pick a spot near the lifeguard stand, it will be easy to find and if your kids get lost, they’ll know to head to the lifeguard stand.

Hit the Beach (Hacks)

Now that you’re ready to hit the shore with these beach hacks, it’s time to decide where you want to go. Do you want to stick close to home and pick a beach that you can drive to? Or are you thinking exotic paradise beach vacation? 

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Whatever you choose, check out our travel resources for ideas for your next vacation! We’ll help you decide where to go and give you tips on how to save up for your next trip.

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