8 Summer Fashion Trends You Should Be Following

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The sun’s out and so are some of the hottest trends of 2023. Ready to bring a little heat yourself? Here are eight summer fashion trends you should know about.

Summer’s finally arrived!

With the warm weather and cool drinks, you’ll likely want something cute to wear to match your lifted summer spirits.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the biggest summer fashion trends the year, and which ones you should be following.

Read on for more information on the hottest looks that you can translate directly into your wardrobe.

1. The Straw Bag

From fashion vloggers and bloggers to celebrities, chances are you’ve seen the iconic straw bag. Whether you purchase yours from a more inexpensive retailer, or from a designer like Prada, you’re sure to be in style with one.

These straw bags are perfect for all manner of outfits. From a cute outfit to wear to the beach to an outfit for a night out, the straw bag is the epitome of summer wear.

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They come in a variety of shapes as well. You can opt for the bucket shape to look like you’re off to a picnic, or a rounded one for something a little bit more chic and classic.

This is one trend we’re not sure will stick around, so it may not be worth the investment for a more expensive one if you don’t have the budget. But, if you love it and want to treat yourself, then why not?

2. Knit Tops

Knit tops haven’t necessarily left, but they’re definitely back in this summer. Specifically knit tank tops. If you want something that’s a little bit 2023 with a retro ’70s vibe, try a ribbed halter top. Pair it with some wedges and long pants for a true ’70s look.

3. Paper Bag Waists

Paper bag waists were in last year, and they’ve made their way back this year. They’re perfect for those who find denim to be a little bit too hot or restrictive.

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Paper bag waists come in a variety of clothing styles, from pants to shorts to skirts. They’re extra convenient and pull-on, meaning if you’ve had a little bit too much to eat at the barbecue, you’ll still be able to walk away without having to unbutton your pants.

They’re also almost always made of light and flowy linen or linen-like materials. Because of this, you won’t find yourself mercilessly sweating the way you might if you were clad in khaki or denim.

Paper bag waist pants are perfect for keeping yourself comfortable during the slightly cooler summer nights.

4. Animal Prints

Some of you might be running screaming knowing animal prints are back, others are partying in delight. It’s for sure a polarizing trend, but one many people enjoy.

If you’re a fan of cheetah print or tiger print, or any other animal print, you’ll be excited to know that this is a hot trend on the runway again.

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A shirt or dress with this print will be in fashion this summer, and you’re sure to look adorable.

5. Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are, yet again, another trend that’s extremely polarizing. People either love it or they hate it. And if you’re in the group that loves it, you’ll be pretty excited to know that they’re back in style.

Of course, we don’t mean actual biker shorts with pads in the proper places, but shorts that resemble those that bikers wear. Skin tight and breathable, they’re a great alternative to denim and for those who find other materials too warm in the summer months.

The go-to look is to pair them with an over-sized shirt, just like you may have done in the 1990s. And since the 1990s are back, that leads us to our next trend…

6. Bucket Hats

Yup, bucket hats are also back in style. If you were around in the 1990s, you’ll also probably remember this throw-back. Available in all sorts of styles, from fuzzy to khaki, this hat will protect you from the sun and keep you looking in style.

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Pair one of these hats with a pair of biker shorts and you’ll look like you just stepped out of the 1990s.

7. Linen

Everything this year is seemingly made of linen or a linen-like material. So if that’s your thing, you’ll be rejoicing.

Linen is fantastic because it is so breathable. You can wear linen pants or a long-sleeved linen top and still not feel like you’re stifling in the heat. And your arms and legs will be protected.

Linen dresses are also really in this year, especially the sleeves variety. The long summer dresses with the big buttons throughout are a big trend this year.

8. Classic Looks

Despite the trends of 2023, there are some looks that will never go out of style. The sleeveless A-line summer dress, skater dress and broderie anglaise are all looks that won’t go out of style. If you invest in pieces like these, you’ll be sure to wear them again and again, and probably pulling them out of your closet again next year.

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Sandals, of course, are a trend that you’ll be wearing year after year, so invest in comfortable and durable footwear.

Summer Fashion Trends of 2023

Some of the summer fashion trends will come and go. But, you’ll find, over time, that some of them will sneak their way into becoming staples of your wardrobe. Whether this is because you love them a lot, or they’ve become timeless, you should always look to invest in pieces you’ll wear time and again. Save on pieces that you think you won’t be interested in in a few months.

For more on fashion, visit the fashion section of our website. We’ve got you covered.

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