Where Should You Travel This Summer? These Are The Hottest Summer Spots

Are you wondering, “Where should I travel this summer?” With all these fantastic locations, that might be a hard decision! Check out 2023‘s hottest spots here.

When you are trying to get out this summer, you’ll need to figure out what sort of places you should visit. 

The world is your oyster and there are more travel deals than ever, so it’s important that you figure out how you can plan out a tremendous vacation. To this end, you might be asking yourself, “Where should I travel this summer?”. 

Fear not — we’ve got you covered. 

Follow these tips and plan out your travel plans by keeping these destinations in mind.  

Where Should I Travel?

The first thing you’ll find is that there is no shortage of excellent vacation spots you can hit. Consider these points so that you can find the right destination for your travel this summer:

1. Barcelona

You haven’t really traveled unless you’ve gone across the pond to enjoy the sights and sounds. In this regard, Spain is one of the best spots that you can hit. 

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More specifically, Barcelona is a great summertime destination because it is home to several beaches. This is a party city as well, as it features Las Ramblas — a street and neighborhood that is renowned for its tremendous nightlife. 

You can’t go wrong visiting Barcelona this summer and will be glad that you added it to your itinerary.  

2. Las Vegas

If you don’t mind the desert heat, Las Vegas is one of the best spots that you can hit when you want to see a little bit of everything. 

The pool parties in Vegas are legendary, and nothing says summer fun like bottle service at a nightclub. You’ll be able to enjoy the strip in full swing, casinos and some of the best buffets you’ve ever tasted.  

Of course, the thing about Las Vegas is that the city never sleeps, and there is plenty of entertainment year-round and around the clock, meaning you never have to figure out what to do during the day or night. 

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3. New Orleans

When you want to enjoy your summer, consider taking a trip down to the Big Easy. 

In addition to bar hopping throughout Bourbon Street, you can also hit the French Quarter and Jackson Square. You can grab a street car and get around to really take in the attractions of the city.  

4. Playa Del Carmen

To be sure that you are getting the most out of your vacation this summer, Playa Del Carmen might be just what you are looking for. 

This city is a hop, skip and a jump from Cancun, which is where you’ll fly into when booking this trip. It’s also a short ferry ride from Cozumel, which is another hot attraction and a cruise port. 

In Playa, you will be able to relax during the day taking in the pristine beaches and can party the night away in clubs like the famous Coco Bongo’s.  

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5. Los Angeles

The City of Angels is a destination that is nice year-round. 

You can hit the hot spots like Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica and Venice, and several TV studios where game shows and other shows are shot. The weather is generally mild year-round, and you can take in sights and sounds that you have seen in movies and TV for years.  

6. Minneapolis

This is known as a cold-weather season, but it’s a little known fact that Minneapolis is one of the best places to hang out in the summertime. 

The weather is nice and warm, and spending time at the lake is one of the best activities you can enjoy. Whether you like fishing, swimming or paddling, Minneapolis has everything you can ask for.  

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7. Dallas

You’ll love spending time in Dallas in the summertime because there are always great events on the calendar. In addition to hitting comedy shows and concerts, you can always catch a Rangers game and bring the whole family. 

The heat means you’ll want to spend some time at parks and aquatics centers in the area to cool off and find some relief. 

8. Montego Bay

Jamaica is a country that dreams are made of — fresh island vibes, hot weather, great culture, and lots of music and food. 

Montego Bay is one of the best places in Jamaica to visit because there are so many different great resorts you can stay at. This will let you find a great deal on an all-inclusive, so you can enjoy food, alcohol, and entertainment throughout your trip.  

9. San Juan

If you’ve never been to Puerto Rico, consider hitting San Juan this summer. 

You can bounce between San Juan and Old San Juan, and will definitely want to check out El Yunque National Forest.  

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10. Amsterdam

Finally, you will get a little bit of everything when you visit Amsterdam. 

The city is known for its coffee shops and rustic vibe and features some of the most picturesque scenery you’ll see in Europe. You are also a short train ride from Zandvoort Beach if you are trying to unwind by the water and get a tan. 

Plan Out Your Summer Travel

If you find yourself wondering — “Where should I travel this summer?”, these ten tips provide you a great starting point. Make sure that you take inventory of your trip and give some thought to what kind of vacation you are interested in. 

In doing this, you will be able to enjoy your summer travel to the fullest.  

Check out the rest of our posts in order to learn more about putting together your travel plans. 

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