7 of The Best Workouts to Stream From The Comfort of Your Home

Fancy bringing your workout to your home? Make your exercise routine easier with these seven exercise regimes to stream from the comfort of home.

With many people living busy lives, it can be hard to make time for workout classes. Plus, in the winter, it’s difficult to muster up the courage to leave the warmth of your home!

That’s why we love at-home workout videos that we can stream from the comfort of our living room or bedroom. Not only are at-home workouts flexible with your schedule, but they’re also a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay in the studio.

But with so many choices on the market, it’s difficult to know which workout programs to pick, especially if you’re new to the fitness game.

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That’s where we come in to help. We’ve picked seven of the best workouts to stream from the comfort of your own home. Wherever you are in the world, you can exercise ‘til your heart’s content with these blood-pumping at-home streaming programs!

1. Glo – Yoga

Fancy yourself as a yogi? The Glo yoga app offers a huge collection of classes ranging from five minutes up to ninety minutes, featuring different types of yoga from traditional Vinyasa flow to calming and mindful meditation.

Glo works with some of the most valued yoga instructors in the country, so you can take tips from the best of the best in the world of yoga from the luxury of your bedroom. Get used to practicing tree pose next to your bed!

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2. Sweat – Variety

If you’re looking for a program that offers a bit of variety, Sweat is for you. One day you may fancy a mindful yoga practice, and the next you might want to go for high-intensity strength training – whatever floats your boat!

With a monthly subscription, you can gain access to Kayla Itsines’ classic BBG program and BBG strong, Kelsey Wells’ post-pregnancy and PWR workouts, Stephanie Sanzo’s BUILD, Chontel Duncan’s FIERCE, and Sjana Earp’s BAM yoga program. That will keep you occupied for a while!

3. Dancebody – Dance

Work up a sweat and have fun at the same time with a heart-thumping DanceBody workout.

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Whether you want to join a live class or follow on-demand, you can get your blood pumping at home with these dance-inspired workout routines.

Two left feet? Not to worry, as you don’t need to be a pro to try this workout – you don’t even need to be good at it.

The best bit about trying a dance workout at home is that there’s nobody around to laugh at your moves. However, we’re sure with regular attendance and patience you’ll soon start to pick up the steps – and notice your physique transform!

4. Peloton – Cycling

This one’s quite the investment, but if you love peddling it out, it may just be worth it.

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With Peloton, you can bring cycling to the home and get a decent cardio workout in whenever you please. With the purchase of any peloton bike, you’ll gain access to over 10,000 on-demand and live classes, which you can watch from the bike’s HD sweatproof touchscreen.

5. Club Pilates – Pilates

Club Pilates offers on-demand classes with over 200 workouts to choose from, so you can tone your physique virtually anywhere you wish!

The on-demand app allows you to tailor home workouts based on equipment, location, and body part.

6. The Bar Method – Barre

Practice your barre movements at home without having to travel to a fancy ballet studio! The Bare Method’s classes are an effective way to strengthen and tone your body, plus they’re super fun.

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If you have an at-home ballet barre – then great. However, if not, you can use a kitchen counter, tabletop, or chair – anything you can stretch on.

Featuring various workouts between 20 and 60 minutes, you can practice your moves anywhere you like!

7. P.Volve – Yoga and Pilates

P.Volve blends yoga and pilates, focusing on toning through functional movement.

New classes are offered weekly, so you can add a variety to your fitness regime from the comfort of home.

While some of the classes feature specially designed equipment like the P.ball, you don’t need to invest to become acquainted with the program – simply filter for equipment-free workouts.

It’s Time to Workout at Home!

With these at-home workout programs, you can plan your exercise routine on your terms making life a whole lot easier. Win! Want to learn more about this year’s exercise crazes? Here are seven fitness trends to incorporate into your workouts!

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