How to Build Your Own Gym Routine (and Stick With It!)

A proper gym routine can significantly increase your quality of life. Learn how to create a gym routine with this comprehensive exercise guide.

Did you know only approximately 23 percent of U.S. adults get the required amount of exercise weekly? 

On average, you should be doing about 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio per week and two workouts for muscle-strengthening. 

Are you getting enough? 

A proper gym routine can significantly increase your quality of life. Learn how to create a gym routine with this comprehensive exercise guide. 

Consistency Counts 

It’s vital that your workouts are consistent. You won’t be getting any results if you exercise for one day, then take three days rest and start again. 

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Put pen to paper and diarize which days in the week you can put time aside, and how much time. Factor in the travel time to the gym and back so you don’t feel pressure to get there. If you can’t get to the gym every day, then write down which days you can fit in a workout at home. 

Part of this process is scheduling your week. If you know that you can only do three days a week, then go for that consistency and try and fill that time to the maximum to get your required level of exercise. 

Active Rest

You need to factor in rest as well. It’s all good and well that you’ve decided to hit the gym and start working out, but there’s no use in hitting it too hard, too fast. 

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So focus on putting time aside for recovery days as well. You need to have days in between where your body can recuperate and regenerate so you’re able to get back to the exercise as per your schedule without the aches and pains interfering. 

Locations for your Gym Routine 

It’s not entirely vital that you only get your workouts in at the gym. It’s very possible to build workouts that you can do at home in your garden, on your living room floor or even around the house. 

Look into bodyweight exercises that you can do around your home. By purchasing just a few small pieces of equipment, you can everything you need to get fit at home. One or two pairs of dumbbell weights, a kettlebell, and a floor mat are more than enough to get you started. 

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If you can’t afford to purchase anything from the start, then bodyweight exercises are the way to go. 

Squats, jumping jacks, planking, and other bodyweight exercises will also give you great fat burning results. 

If you can get to the gym, great! It can be overwhelming going to the gym and seeing all the different types of machines and trying to work out what they do. Take your time finding your way around the gym, if you’re not sure what a machine does, ask somebody rather than injuring yourself by using the apparatus incorrectly. 

Which Exercises you Should Include in your Gym Routine 

It’s always a good idea to mix weight workouts with cardio workouts for optimum fat burning results. If you’re just starting out, then start slowly. 

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Familiarize yourself with the equipment, and make sure that you are comfortable with the weights you’re using. If you go too heavy too soon, you’re bound to land up with an unnecessary injury or strained muscle. 

For cardio workouts you can include: 

  • The treadmill
  • The stepping machine 
  • The rowing machine 
  • The stair machine 

For weight workouts you can include:

  • Dumbbells 
  • Kettlebells 
  • Barbells 
  • Medicine Balls

Incorporating all these instruments in your workout will take you from zero to hero! 

Just Keep Going… 

Your first two weeks will be your hardest. But if you’ve drawn up your availability, you’re already aware of the consistency that you can commit to. So, you’re already halfway there. 

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Keep at it, after two weeks to a month, you can start to slowly increase the weight and intensity of your workouts. 

Here’s some advice on what to ask when opening up your gym membership before you start your gym routine. 

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