7 Fitness Trends to Incorporate Into Your Workouts

Curious about what the hottest new fitness trends are? We give you the lowdown and explain how to utilize these trends in your workout regimen.

Did you ever take up Zumba, or dabble in aerobics classes? While these fitness trends were extremely popular in their heyday, today there more current practices on the scene to help get you moving and stay in shape.

It can be easy to get bored or unmotivated when you’re working out in the same way week after week, and trying new activities and exercises keeps things exciting while you sweat!

So, whether you prefer working out with a group, in the gym, or even in your own bedroom, here are the top fitness trends to experiment within 2020.

1. Streaming Workouts

Fancy getting fit at home? In 2020, working out is no longer solely resigned to hitting the gym or even leaving the house!

Home workouts are growing in popularity, and today it’s easier than ever to work up a sweat on your living room floor. Thanks to fitness apps, YouTube classes, and online fitness subscriptions, streaming your workout at home is super simple.

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If you prefer to workout out alone, travel often, have an erratic schedule, or spend a lot of time at home, these are the workouts for you. What’s more, it’s a convenient and cheap (or even free) way to stay in shape.

While home-workouts are a stress-free way of exercising, it may be worth meeting a professional sporadically. This is because by working out at home, you don’t have a fitness expert checking your form and prescribing the correct exercises for your body.

Meeting an expert doesn’t have to be often, but it’s worth it so you avoid injuring yourself or picking up bad habits.

2. HIIT Workouts

With people being busier than ever in 2020, the HIIT workout is a new fitness trend that allows people to get more bang for their exercise buck!

HIIT workouts are high intensity yet short bouts of exercise that deliver results and help burn fat rapidly. By pushing your body to perform for a shorter amount of time, you’re gaining a strength training workout, cardio workout, and a full-body workout in one package.

Fans of the trend love the shorter, more intense workouts, and feel like they’re getting more done in a shorter period. That means there’s more time for work and spending time with family and friends on the average working weekday.

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The motto is with this fitness trend – go hard or go home!

3. Recovery & Mindfulness

Traditionally, recovery after workouts was a practice not taken seriously enough or was even completely ignored.

In 2023 however, people are increasingly concerned with self-care, and not just when it comes to keeping their bodies fit. With a focus on the close link between physical and mental health, there are new ways to keep fit that benefit both body and mind throughout the process of working out.

Today, fitness fanatics make the time pre and post-workout for breathing techniques, sports massages, meditation, stretching, and the use of float tanks to help heal and calm their bodies and minds together.

By practicing recovery and mindfulness to enhance a strong mind-body connection, you can tune into your body and understand it better. And that can only benefit your workout, right?

4. Group Training Classes

Attending group training classes is one of the latest exercise trends that shows no signs of slowing. While the practice has always been popular, today business is booming now more than ever.

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Why? Well, training in a group is motivating and uplifting as you are inspired by the people around you. But additionally, there has been a recent shift in the way teachers instruct a class.

Traditionally, teachers would simply talk at the class and they’d be expected to listen and follow the routine. Over the years, however, instructors have begun to guide and coach a workout, moving throughout the class and putting more focus on the individuals.

If you’re driven by competitive spirit or can’t afford one-on-one training, group classes are a great shout.

Of those who started a weight-loss program with friends, 95 percent completed the program, compared to a 76 percent completion rate for those who attempted the program alone. Working out with a partner also significantly increases the time spent exercising.

5. Yoga

Yoga has been rising in popularity over the years and will continue to do so in 2020. Like with the trend in recovery and mindfulness, yoga allows people to improve their holistic health by exercising both the mind and the body together.

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It’s also one fitness trend that’s adaptable to your needs. Yoga can be practiced at home and it’s also one of the most popular fitness classes around. You can try a calm and mindful practice, or there are even HIIT workouts that focus on yoga.

Fancy getting a bit more creative with your yoga routine?

There are plenty of different variations of yoga, including hot yoga and even ‘puppy’ yoga. You’ll be surrounded by little furry pups as you practice!

Perhaps it might be ever so slightly distracting though, no?

6. Smarter Tracking

With the rise in technology and the influx of fitness apps and tracker devices, following your workouts has become easier than ever.

People love to know exactly how much progress they’ve made with their exercise routines and today, accuracy is the name of the game. Wearable fitness trackers like the Apple Watch or Fitbit allows people to track calories burned, heart rate, sleeping habits, hydration, workout timings, and more.

Whether you choose a tracker to keep you motivated or if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty statistics behind your workout, there are plenty of options to suit your needs.

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7. Boxing

Boxing is another exercise activity leading the way in the world of fitness.

Combat sports, in general, are becoming more integrated into mainstream culture, due to the rising popularity of mixed martial arts and boxing.

This may be because they give people a sense of empowerment and strength, allowing them to gain an intense workout while also feeling like a powerful fighter. Boxing is also a great way for people to let off steam or manage anger.

Fitness Trends That Are Fun

The good news is that being fit is trending, overall! In 2023, more and more people are seeking ways to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

And these new fitness trends are certainly some fun, challenging, and exciting ways to do so.

Even if these new fads don’t tickle your fancy, try to keep moving and exercising in ways that are beneficial to your health and wellness. Even if it’s a simple activity like going for a walk or run – some exercises stay classic, after all!

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