7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Balance Boards

Balance boards are a wonderful device that provide many health benefits and can easily fit into your regular routine. Learn more about them in this article.

You’re serious about your fitness and strength, but what about your balance?

This is where balance boards come in.

They may look daunting and intimidating, but there are plenty of easy exercises out there that you can do with the balance board and incorporate into your overall fitness routine.

Believe it or not, some people even use them at work, standing on them at their desk!

What Are Balance Boards?

It’s literally a board you stand on that you balance on. It’s similar to a seesaw in set up. The board sits on some kind of fulcrum, and you stand still on it with a foot at each end.

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The idea is to balance your body, so you get to stay on the board as long as possible and prevent either end of the board touching the ground.

There are five different kinds of balance board you can use, although your gym may typically only have one or two types. 


There are seven main advantages to using a balance board…

1. Improved Coordination and Agility

Being able to move quickly in any sport is an advantage. For example, changing from a defense to an offense position, reacting to a tennis shot, or a change of position in a soccer game.

Standing on a balance board will help with your coordination greatly, encouraging you to be more in tune with your body. It’ll help you balance your body and control its stability. 

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2. Injury Prevention

Lots of people get injured when playing sports or staying fit. If you are better coordinated and have a better balance, you are more spatially aware and less prone to falling over.

The more balanced you are, the easier you’ll find it to correct yourself. 

3. Strengthened Joints

Some joints are more prone to injury than others. Balance training can strengthen your ankles.

4. It’s Great for Your Brain

That’s right! Not because while you’re balancing, you’re doing lots of deep thinking, but because When you’re working hard to improve your balance, you are focussing hard. Your brain is working hard to perfect your motor skills 

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5. Your Core Will Look Fabulous!

Standing on a balance board will work your core muscles continuously, so it’s a win-win!

Every movement on the board will challenge your core muscles; these are the muscles that surround your trunk. A strong core means a stronger balance, and you’re less likely to have back pain too.

6. You’ll Gain Strength

Pumping iron isn’t the only way to be strong. Using a balance board will help you use muscles; you haven’t been able to trigger before.

A balance board helps you develop what’s called your stabilizer muscles. These are the muscles that work alongside the bigger chest, leg, and back muscles. Also, try using some kettlebells on a balance board. You’ll soon see the results!

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7. It’ll Help You Connect Your Body with Your Mind

Using a balance board isn’t easy. But the effort is absolutely worth it. Think of how you’ll need to focus and concentrate on getting the best out of your board and body.

Imagine trying to stand on a balance board, and your mind wanders? What’s going to happen? You’re going to fall off, of course. Using your brain while working out will connect your mind with your muscles. Powerful stuff.

Ready to Get Going?

We hope we’ve convinced you to at least give balance boards a try. We’d love to hear how you got on and what exercises you’re doing on the boards. Post up your comments below this article.

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