Fancy a Tipple? Here’s How to Save Money at the Bar

Love heading out but hate spending so much money? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up on your fun evenings out. Here’s how to save money at the bar.

We all love heading out to the bar to catch up with friends. However, all those pricey cocktails and numerous bottles of wine can all add up, and before you know it you’ve spent a fortune on one evening.

Don’t fret, as there are plenty of ways to enjoy your nights out in the bar without draining your bank account. Discover our tips and tricks here!

Cut out the Cocktails

While cocktails are decadent and delicious, they’re usually the most expensive beverage on the drinks list. Generally, the more complicated your drink is, the more expensive it will be!

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Order simpler drinks at the bar and your bank balance will thank you. Not only that, but you won’t have to stand around waiting for your cocktail to be made. It’s a win-win!

If you like beer, usually it’s the cheapest alcoholic beverage sold at most bars and pubs. Save the cocktails and pricey wines for when you’re drinking at home and they cost a fraction of the price from the supermarket.

Choose Beer on Tap

For the best prices of beer, opt for a beer on tap as it’s a lot cheaper than imported beer in bottles. Plus, if you order a pint it’s usually better valued too.

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Likewise, if you want to choose wine or liquor, the house option will always be the most affordable. Be sure to specify this, otherwise, you may be given a more expensive drink by default.

If you love more expensive brands, start with them early on it the evening and wean off them later in the night. Once you’ve had a couple of drinks, you won’t appreciate the expensive stuff as much!

Head to Happy Hour

As we’ve established, cocktails are delicious but expensive! Even just drinking one or two in a night can add up.

However, the good news is that many bars hold happy hour deals whereby cocktails are 2 for 1, or similar. While cocktails are usually the popular choice for happy hour deals, many venues offer deals on other types of drink too.

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Most of the time, happy hours start early in the evening to draw punters in, so be prepared for an early start. To see if your favorite bar promotes a happy hour, check their website or social media or give them a call. Most of the time, any promotions will be listed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

If you’re observant of such deals, you can plan your evenings’ dependant on the offers available and what you like to drink.

Enjoy Margarita Mondays and Wine Wednesdays without stressing about spending too much money!

Pick Pitchers

If there’s a group of you, then an affordable option is to opt for a pitcher of beer or cocktails. In most cases, a big jug of alcohol is of better value than purchasing single drinks, and it will go a lot further.

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Not only is it cost-effective, but you’ll look like a hero when you return from the bar with a giant towering jug of alcohol!

Browse Online Deals

Daily deal websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial often offer deals for bars.

While it may seem like a bit of a risk if you don’t know the bar, you can save some serious cash by choosing these coupons and vouchers. While many of the offers include food, there are plenty of offers that are dedicated just to drinks.

For example, many bars offer a certain number of cocktails at a heavily discounted price on such websites.

If you can’t spot any suitable offers, remember to check back as there new deals are posted daily.

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Saving Money at the Bar

With our tips and tricks, you can still enjoy fun evenings out at the bar with friends and loved ones without dreading looking at your bank balance the next day.

Remember, while we aim to help you save money on alcohol at the bar, always remember to drink responsibly and not to overdo it! Nobody likes being that embarrassing drunk friend on the night out, after all. Love hitting the restaurants just as much as the bar? There are ways to save cash there, too. Here’s how to save money on eating out.

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