DIY Living Room Ideas For When You’re Short On Space

Is your living room smaller than you imagined? Here are DIY living room ideas to help you decorate your room when you’re short on space!

While the average American home is at its largest since the 1980s, finding space for everything in your home remains a big challenge. The situation is worse in other countries such as the U.K. where the average home sizes keep reducing year after year. 

However, even with the dwindling space, you don’t need to throw away stuff or hire an interior designer to revamp your home to something you desire. 

If your living room is smaller than you imagined, here are some awesome DIY living room ideas to help you decorate your room when you’re short on space:

1. DIY Old Windows

For a retro feel in your living room, use some old, distressed windows to revamp your living room. It involves taking an old window and turning it into a piece of art right in your living room. 

For this DIY, first cover the glass parts with paper. You can paint the frame of the window to a new color or leave it looking distressed. Better yet, you can drill some holes into the window frame and add shelves for extra storage space. 

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Once done, attach the window on the living room’s wall using drills or any other suitable method. 

2. DIY Coffee Table

Most DIY living rooms will have a unique piece made to the taste of the owners. Among them is the coffee table which is modifiable to any style of your liking. 

Since you’ll be doing it by yourself, you can follow these instructions for a coffee-stained table. If you wish, you can add some wheels to make it easily movable to your preferred destination. 

3. DIY Song Lyric Wall Art

Nothing motivates you in the morning better than your favorite quote from a movie or song. As you go by with the revamping process, pick one unique location for a line from your favorite song or movie to push you on each day. 

It can be as simple as printing out a piece of paper with the right font size, font color, and other aspects of your choice. Then, glue it on a piece of cardboard and place it in your favorite location. 

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For example, a lyric line such as “Nobody said it was easy” from Coldplay’s The Scientist makes a good poster in the living room. 

4. DIY Wall Art

Even without artistry skills and experience, you can create great wall art pieces. For example, get a plain piece of canvas, draw a grid of horizontal lines about 2 inches apart, then get a paintbrush and some colors. 

Fill up the horizontal grids alternatively with different colors. 

Hang it up somewhere with a lot of natural light to highlight it from the rest of the room. 

5. DIY Fabric Cushions

A cozy and homely living room can’t do without unique cushions. And there are many ways of getting the cushions you want; including those knit by hand and those sewn by a machine. 

If you’ve got knitting skills, you’re at an advantage at this as you can knit any style, size and color of cushion covers then stuff them up. 

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You can also get unique pieces of cloth then have them turned into cushion covers. Old curtains with unique prints can do well here. 

6. DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder

For another homely look, get a piece of a ladder or make one about five feet high. Don’t make it look too modern as the rugged look is what you need to attain the desired vintage look. 

For each step, fold and a piece of blanket such that the loose ends get hidden from view. Place the setup against the wall but not too close to the corners for the best results. 

7. Bottle Art

You most probably have some empty glass bottles in the house. You can make good art out of them in various ways. The main ideas include the following:

a) Painting them from the middle to the bottom with a bright color then using them as flower vases. 

b) Wrapping them with strings completely. If done tightly, the bottle makes for a great piece of art on the table or shelf. 

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If painting the bottle is frustrating, you can simply dip it into some paint and let it dry. 

8. DIY Knitted Stools

Knitted stools are among the best DIY ideas on this list. You can make these stools from yarn in different ways

There’s virtually no limit to the size of the stool you can knit for your living room. You can make small ones the size of a basketball for your kids and large ones the size of a gym bouncing ball for yourself. 

9. DIY Honeycomb Decorations and Shelves

Creating a honeycomb shape is as simple as putting together six pieces of wood in a circular manner. You then build another hexagon on one side of this hexagon. You can do that to build a honeycomb pattern on your wall. 

Another way to do it is to build the horizontal sides of the hexagons into drawers. You can also build the hexagons into other larger shapes of your choice. 

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Paint them the way you wish or go for a simple natural wooden color. 

10. Pallet Designs

Pallet wood is modifiable into almost any piece of furniture you want. You can make a ceiling, sofa sets, coffee tables, beds, radiator covers, kitchen backsplashes, bookshelves, potting benches, and others. 

With a few instructions, you can turn a few pieces of pallet wood into a reading nook for the corner near the window, or into a gorgeous coffee table. These ideas can be done with easily available materials. For most of them, the cost can be as low as $10. 

Spice Up Your Life With DIY Living Room Ideas

You don’t have to have a dull living room just because you’re out of space. With the DIY living room ideas above and many more, you can save money and have a beautiful and spacious living room.

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