DIY Kitchen Decor Ideas: How To Decorate Your Kitchen For Cheap

Looking for DIY kitchen decor ideas that’ll allow you to decorate your kitchen while on a budget? Click here for a list of creative decor ideas!

If you ask someone what the most popular room is in their house, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you it’s the kitchen.

Do you love spending time in your kitchen? Or, do you find yourself avoiding it because you can’t stand the atmosphere in the room?

If you’re not satisfied with the current decor and vibe in your kitchen, now might be the perfect time to redecorate it. Remember, too, that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a cute kitchen.  

Read on for some simple and affordable DIY kitchen decor ideas.

Rustic Utensil Holder

If you love the rustic, farmhouse design but don’t like the price tags that come with some of the products sold at your favorite stores, don’t worry.

You can still participate in this trend by making your own rustic decorations and kitchen tools. One of the easiest ones to try out is a utensil holder.

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If you have old metal rake lying around, you can do this project.

Unscrew the metal rake head and mount it to a wooden board (feel free to paint or stain it first). Use the teeth as hangers for all your most frequently used kitchen tools.

Rope Sign

A rope sign is another fun way to create more of a farmhouse vibe in your kitchen. All you need to make your own rope sign is a length of rope, some hot glue, and a wooden board.

Start by painting or staining the board so that it’s your desired color.

Once it’s dry, simply arrange the rope so that it spells out your desired word or message. You can write anything you want, but quotes or phrases that remind you to be happy or be more present are always a good idea.

Once you have the layout perfected, use some hot glue to attach the rope to the board. Let it dry, then hang it up.

Wood Pallet Wine Rack

You can do just about anything with an old wood pallet, including turning it into a wine rack.

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This project does take a little more skill than some of the others on this list (it requires some sawing and nailing) so you might want to recruit the help of a friend or family member who’s handier than you.

With a little work, though, you’ll have a unique and functional decoration that’s perfect for storing wine bottles and hanging wine glasses for easy access.

Menu Chalkboard

A menu chalkboard is a great option for making sure everyone’s on the same page as far as meals go. It’s also an easy DIY project.

All you need is a piece of wood, some chalkboard paint, and some chalk.

Paint the board with your chalkboard paint and let it dry. Then, secure the board to your wall with a nail and some cute ribbon or some self-adhesive strips if you prefer not to put holes in the walls.

Keep the chalk handy so you can write out your meals for the week.

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Succulent Planter

Succulents make great decorations and are a low-maintenance way to bring some life and greenery into your kitchen. You need a fun way to display those succulents, though.

A wooden planter box is a great solution that allows you to display several succulents side by side. This also makes it easier for you to water them without having to run all over your kitchen.

You can leave the planter box as-is or stain or paint it to make it more unique and ensure it matches the rest of the decor in your kitchen.

Floating Plant Shelf

Another way to display succulents or other indoor plants in your kitchen is with a floating shelf.

Regular floating shelves can be a bit of a pain to hang up. This DIY version is much easier and has a more unique, bohemian look to it. 

If you have a length of rope and a circle of wood, you can easily make this shelf.

Simply wrap the rope and secure it underneath the wood, then tie all the strings together at the top to make a hanger so you can suspend it from the ceiling and display your plants in style.

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Raffia Coasters

Raffia coasters are a fun craft that adds some personality to your kitchen. They’re also a great conversation starter at parties.

All you need to make these are a few different colored rolls of raffia, a needle, and a pair of scissors. 

Start by wrapping one color of raffia around the other to create a striped pattern. Then, wrap the raffia strand so that it creates a tight spiral shape.

When your coaster is as large as you want it, use a needle to help you secure the raffia strands together.

Kitchen Utensil Pegboard

A pegboard is another great option if you want your most frequently used kitchen tools to be on display and easy to access. You can purchase pegboards for very little money at your local hardware store and have them cut to your desired size.

Once you get the board home, feel free to stain or paint it so it matches the rest of your kitchen decor. Then, mount it to the wall (get someone to help you make sure it’s straight) and insert the pegs in the areas where you want to hang your tools.

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You might have to do a little experimentation to figure out the best arrangement for everything. Once you’ve got the layout figured out, you’ll have a fun and functional way to store your supplies. 

Need More DIY Kitchen Decor Inspiration?

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your kitchen and create a fun and functional environment.

Keep these DIY kitchen decor ideas in mind so you can revamp your kitchen without draining your bank account.

Do you want more ideas or inspiration on how you can decorate your kitchen? What about the other rooms in your house?

No matter what upgrades you want to make, we’ve got lots of resources on our site today help you with them.

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