DIY Playhouse Ideas: How To Build Your Child’s Dream Playhouse

Looking to surprise your child with their dream playhouse? Here are a few DIY playhouse ideas that your child is certain to fall in love with!

It’s every child’s dream to have a secret hideaway. Do you have any ideas of how to build a playhouse for your kids?

Other than your children, you will also have fun when creating the structures. Add details that your kids and grandkids will love. A playhouse is a miniature house and can be constructed using numerous designs to suit the preferences and the needs of your child. 

Are you looking for an activity which you can engage in with your kids and have fun? 

Build playhouses for them. Involving them in the exercise will also enable them to gain valuable DIY skills. Some of the designs that you will find online will include blueprints, diagrams, and written steps of how to do it. 

Do you have basic carpentry skills? 

Some of the playhouse ideas will require you to have them. The structure allows the kids to engage in other activities other than just playing video games and watching movies all day long. 

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Looking to surprise your child with their dream playhouse? Here are a few DIY playhouse ideas that your child is certain to fall in love with!

Easy Playhouse

It was developed by the House of Wood and is one of the most popular modern designs. The best thing? You can get the design for free. It has classic features that both you and your children will love. 

When you download the design, you will also get a shopping list, required construction tools, diagrams, images, and instructions for putting up the structure. 

Simple Wooden Playhouse

Do you have plans to build a secret hideaway for your kids but lack adequate space? This is the perfect design for you. You will save some money by constructing the structure as compared to some of the others that you’ll find. 

It can be built using locally available ones. It’s ideal for toddlers due to its small size. 

The Wendy House

It’s a simple idea, but your kids will love it! One of the features that sets apart from other common designs is feminine touches. 

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But it’s an ideal playhouse for all genders. In front of the structure, there’s a porch. You can add some decorations depending on the preferences of your kids. 

For example, you can paint cartoon characters on the walls. The Wendy House design has a slanting roof and a fence around it. 

Malaysian Playhouse

The designer of this plan is called Dennis. He came up with the idea while trying to look for a house with a beautiful garden and yard in Malaysia. According to him, his father had built him a perfect playhouse for him at an early age and wanted to do the same for his kids. 

It has a roof suited for the tropical climate. The playhouse resembles the Malay stilt houses and has carved architectural features. 

Maune Legacy 

This design was developed by a couple and was inspired by Childrens playhouse plans available on Construct 101. The duo modified the structure to fit their five kids.

Some of the additions in their structure included raising the roof to 8 feet, electrical wiring, windows, and a porch. It has a solid frame, and its roof is suitable for all types of weather.

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Decorations for the playhouse include ruffled pillows and planters, and your kids will love it!

It’s ideal for tea parties and hide and seek. 

Charming Princess Playhouse 

Alinke developed the plan. Some of the features that your children will love about this design include a doorbell and windows made of stained glass. It’s ideal for both boys and girls. 

Do your kids love reading? 

This is the perfect playhouse for them as it has bookshelves. It’s also fitted with several speakers and vintage light fixtures. 

The Movable Playhouse

The designer came up with the idea in 1983 as a present for her daughter. The structure has four sections: floors, walls, porch, and a ceiling. Her daughter would have fun and sleep in the playhouse with her sister. 

The structure measures 8 feet by 7 feet. The designer included a ceiling with a height of 7 foot, and the porch was 3-foot long. You can add more features to the playhouse according to your child’s preferences. 

You can download the design and learn all the steps for building the structure. 

The Hideaway 

This is one of the coolest kids playhouse plans that you will find! 

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Its features make it suitable for a girl but can be modified to suit your boys. The design is simple and only requires a low-budget. 

Traditional Playhouse

Do your kids enjoy plenty of sunlight and a breeze? 

The design is ideal for them. It has a fenced porch at the front side. The pastel colors on the outside part will radiate happiness among your kids. 

Shed Playhouse 

Do you have a shed that’s not in use? 

Consider transforming it into a secret getaway for your children, and they will love it! The project is easy, and you won’t need to be a skilled carpenter to do the work. Removing any mold that may be present will be an easy task. 

You can use locally available materials or purchase from a local store to make windows for the playhouse. Consider repainting the structure to make it more attractive to your kids. 

The Pallet DIY Playhouse

It is one of the outdoor playhouse plans and is a perfect gift for your children when you have a low budget.  

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The main materials of the structure are recycled wooden pallets which are easily available. The pallets can be modified to suit the preferences of your kids. For example, you can use different shapes, colors, and include flower pots. 

Cob-Style Playhouse

You can use locally available materials to construct the structure. It’s small in size and hence won’t cost a lot of money. 

The kids will love its grass thatched roof! The soil and stones used help to regulate the temperature inside the structure, and this makes it ideal even during the summer

Allow vines to grow around the playhouse to give it a natural look. 

Playhouse Ideas for your Kids  

Every child would love to have a secret hideaway! There are many ideas which you can use to come up with the structures as explained above. Involve your child in the project to ensure that you do it according to their preferences. 

The above information will help you to construct a perfect DIY playhouse for your kids. You can read our lifestyle section to get more insights on how to improve your lifestyle!

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