17 Easy And Cheap DIY Birthday Gifts

Forgot that a friend’s birthday is coming up? Here are seventeen DIY birthday gifts ideas if you’re in the need to make a gift ASAP!

At one time or another you’ve probably forgotten someone’s birthday. It happens, we’re human after all.

The next thing worse to forgetting someone’s special day is being empty handed in the gift department. Fortunately you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet trying to find a fancy store bought gift.

Keep reading for seventeen ideas on DIY birthday gifts that are inexpensive and can easily be crafted at home.

1. Coupon Book

This can be a lot of fun if you tailor it to the person’s hobbies and interests. Think outside the box and come up with ideas that can take away burden or work.

Handmade goes a long way, but if you want to make it look like the real deal plenty of coupon templates are available on the Internet.

2. Frame a Special Picture

The thousand words a picture says translates perfectly into a gift. Scroll through photos on your phone or social media that captures a special moment by that person.

Once you pick out that perfect picture, find a basic frame you can decorate and add some flair to. This simple and cost-effective gift idea goes a long way.

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3. Handmade Card

You don’t have to travel to the drug store to pick out a birthday card. Using construction and pens at home is a lot more creative than a mass produced sketch and generic typed message.

Many people find more enjoyment out of birthday cards than actual gifts, even if your drawing skills aren’t museum quality.

4. Hometown Map

This idea is simple and a fun way to commemorate a person’s roots. Find a map of a person’s hometown or state and decorate it.

You’ll give a unique gift that reminds them of home. Search online images for a map, the more vintage the better! If you’re feeling artsy you can draw it by hand.

5. Jewelry

Who says jewelry has to be expensive? You don’t need gold or diamonds to give someone a necklace or bracelet. Craft store materials like hemp, paracord, or leather give you endless possibilities.

Add beads and use different colors to make it one of a kind. If you’re unfamiliar with weaving there are many simple patterns you can easily search for online.

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6. Decorative Magnets

You can never have too many items to hang on the fridge. Magnets are easy and provide multiple opportunities for designing.

Color code them for different objects to hang or make an entire matching set. Holiday themed ones are perfect for breaking out at different times of the year.

7. Bookmark

Perfect for any bookworm! Find a piece of construction paper or cardboard and cut a perfect rectangle. Add a tassel or decorative string to finish it off.

Even better, pair this DIY birthday gift with a book as they go perfect hand in hand.

8. Decorated Plant

House plants are a great hobby and easy to maintain. Choose an eye-catching plant ideally with minimal watering requirements so it won’t become too much of a chore.

The plant is only half of the fun. Decorate a flower pot or vase to give it a personal touch. With proper care this gift can last for several years.

9. Cook a Meal

Sometimes the best gifts are ones you don’t have to unwrap. Ditch the scissors and tape for pots and pans. A surprise birthday meal reflects time and effort in a thoughtful way.

Whip up a favorite dish, just be mindful of any allergies. If you’re feeling extra creative in the kitchen a small birthday cake makes the perfect dessert.

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10. Candles

A bought candle is a nice gift, but it’s even better if you make it from scratch. This isn’t as hard as you think, but it does require a few supplies and getting a little messy.

Be careful if you take on this crafts project as it does involve using heat. Customize the candles with favorite colors and fragrances.

11. Custom Cookbook

This is a creative DIY gift idea that can be used year-round. Create your own personalized cookbook with specific recipes tailored to their taste buds.

There are plenty of recipes out there if you need any inspiration. Go an extra step and decorate the book to make it standout in the kitchen.

12. Soap

Another idea that involves getting a little messy, but is a great gift for around the house. We use soap everyday whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom. Bar or liquid soap can be made in any color.

This does involve a few steps so make sure to research exactly which supplies you’ll need.

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13. A Collage

You may not even realize simple items around you can easily be made into a collage to celebrate a person’s birthday. Use pictures, ticket stubs, stickers, or even wrappers to commemorate their interests.

Simply use tape or glue and apply to poster board. Add glitter or color with markers. Find a low cost frame and you’ll have yourself a one of a kind birthday gift.

14. Fill a Jar

This can actually be made into something pretty cool. A filled jar can make a decorative piece in any room of the house. Use crafty items like shells or marbles. You can’t go wrong with candy, either.

Jars come in plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from. Use one with a cork for a rustic look.

15. Time Travel

This doesn’t actually involve a time machine (although that’d be pretty cool!). Find an item from a person’s birth year, or if possible that actual day they were born. This gift idea is fun and creates positive nostalgia.

Examples include newspapers, magazines, or a pop culture item. Thrift shops, antique stores, and the Internet should have plenty to choose from.

16. Write a Song

No, we don’t mean by singing Happy Birthday. The gift of writing someone a song creates a lasting memory and tops any old item you can pull of a store shelf.

If you’re not musically inclined, have a friend help with instruments. As an alternative you could write a poem if the idea of singing outside the shower is too terrifying.

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17. Storage Chest

Don’t think of it as just a jewelry box. This idea is great for keeping any collectible item organized whether it’s supplies for the office, kitchen, or living room.

Find a plain box in an appropriate size and decorate away.

Making DIY Birthday Gifts

Whichever gift you decide to make remember it’s the thought that counts. Don’t be discouraged of your craft abilities aren’t perfect.

The fact you took the time to sit down and build a unique present is a gift within itself. Don’t compromise the genuineness of DIY birthday gifts by using it as an excuse because you may have forgotten someone’s special day. These gifts can be given to anyone for any occasion!

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