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7 Super-Simple Ways to Upscale Old Items

Fancy getting rid of some clutter? Here are seven super simple ways to upscale old items.

Even the tidiest of us tend to have some old, unused objects lying around the house. They don’t do much except take up valuable space, yet you’re either too busy (or lazy!) to deal with it. Or, perhaps you might own plenty of sentimental objects you can’t bear parting with.

It’s time to take action. There are so many super-simple ways to reuse and repurpose old objects that no longer serve a purpose, and often they look even better than they did before!

An upcycled item usually gives off a cool and creative vibe to the home. Plus, upcycling is sustainable and cost-effective, so you can proudly do your part in saving the planet. It’s a win-win!

Ready to get creative? Here are seven super-simple ways to upscale old items. No previous skills required!

1. Present Plants on a Stepladder

You’ve got an old, worn ladder left sitting in the shed, but you can’t bear to throw it out. It might not be sturdy enough to climb anymore, but surely there’s still some life in it?

There sure is! A distressed wooden stepladder looks quirky and cute used as a plant holder in the garden.

And the best part about this upcycle? You don’t need to do anything at all to the old object. Simply pop the ladder in a nice spot in the garden, pile on the plants and enjoy the view!

2. Convert Cosy Jumpers into Cushion Covers

There are a couple of knitted winter jumpers stuffed in the back of your wardrobe that aren’t worn anymore. Perhaps you’ve outgrown them, or maybe the style isn’t for you anymore.

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Whatever the reason, don’t worry as your much-loved knits can be salvaged.

While you can turn almost anything into a cushion cover, chunky jumpers work well for making cozy cushion covers to cuddle into during the colder months.

The method is super easy and you can create covers within minutes. Experiment with old tee shirts and patterned materials to start a cushion collection!

3. Create an Atmosphere with Wine-Bottle Candle-Holders

We’ve all seen them in trendy bars or atmospheric pubs – empty wine bottles holding a candle with the wax dripping dramatically down the bottle. It creates a warm ambiance – and one that you can create too!

Simply save your wine or spirit bottles after drinking and place a long-burn candle into the opening.

4. Use Books as a Knife Block

We’ve all got books that we’ve read but couldn’t fathom throwing or giving away.

Instead, why not decorate your kitchen with them? Add character to one of the busiest rooms in the home by turning a selection of old books into a DIY knife block.

Pick some pretty books in your favorite color scheme and tie them together with twine or an attractive ribbon to create a quirky home for your kitchen knives. This way, you can even read your old favorites once you’re in the mood!

5. Flaunt Flowers in a Watering Can

No longer using an old watering can? No need to throw it.

For a rustic and homely vibe, display bouquets of pretty flowers in it to use it as a quirky vase. Too easy!

6. Sip Cocktails from Mason Jars

It may be a common practice (among millennials especially), but there’s a reason why drinking cocktails from mason jars works so well. Because drinks in the little jars look so darn cute!

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Instead of tossing salsa and pasta sauce containers in the trash, save a couple to add to your cocktail-making collection. Filled with a delicious-looking beverage, a striped eco-friendly straw, and a slice of fruit, it wouldn’t look out of place in a trendy cocktail bar.

7. Transform Tin Cans into Patio Lights

Most of us will throw empty tin cans straight into the recycling. After all, how much use can they be?

You’ll be surprised! Tin cans easily transform into atmospheric patio lanterns that work fabulously for an outdoor garden party or an alfresco dinner.

Get creative and try your hand at pretty designs, or opt for classic polka dots for an easy option. If you don’t have a hole punch powerful enough, a hammer and nail will work fine.

Super-Simple Ways to Upscale Old Items

With these super-simple ways to upscale old items, transforming an object into something new doesn’t have to be a huge feat and you’ll be left with gorgeous and quirky items to decorate your home and garden with. Fancy getting creative with your old clothes? Check out our seven upcycled clothing ideas for a fresh new wardrobe.

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