11 Kitchen Storage Hacks For When Organizing Isn’t Your Strength

Need a little help organizing your kitchen but don’t know where to get started? Here are eleven kitchen storage hacks that’ll get you organized in no time!

Do you think your home is organized? If not, you are not alone—84 percent of Americans feel their homes are not organized enough. Americans spend $10 billion a year on organization products and self-help guides. 

One of the best places to start organizing your home is your kitchen because you have so many gadgets, appliances, and food items. Need a little help organizing your kitchen but don’t know where to get started? Here are eleven kitchen storage hacks that’ll get you organized in no time!

1. Declutter and Purge

Before you can organize, you need to get rid of stuff you really don’t need.  Do you use that ice cream maker or all 30 glasses? Chances are you can evaluate what you really need and make room for your essentials. 

Bring out a box and go through each drawer and cabinet. Place anything in the box that you have not used for the past year. You can choose to sell them or donate them.

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2. Inside of Your Cabinet Doors

You have valuable real estate inside your cabinets. You can use the back of your cabinet doors to organize and hang items like measuring cups and spoons. Use inexpensive hooks to organize pot covers. 

You can also store small cutting boards by hanging a magazine rack on the side of your doors. Looking for other ways to use this space? How about painting the inside doors with blackboard paint so you can write your grocery list or meal plan. 

You can also use peg boards or hooks. Try hanging a basket on the side of your cleaning supply cabinet to store sponges, and use a hook to hang your cleaning rags.

3. Dividers in Kitchen Drawers

You can help organize each drawer with a divider to separate items such as sandwich bags, foil, utensils, and serving spoons. Decide what you want in each section, and you will no longer need to dig through drawers to find your whisk.

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To find things faster in your drawers, divide items by categories such as cooking utensils (spatulas, whisks), serving utensils (spoons, ladles), foil and plastic wrap, and storage (sandwich bags by sizes).

You can also use filing racks to help organize cutting boards and baking sheets inside your cabinets. Try buying bins to organize your kitchen junk drawer by dividing things like batteries, rubber bands, candles, pens, paper, or whatever else you have in there.

4. Tension Rods

Tension rods are a great way to organize places like under your sink. You can hang your cleaning spray bottles and have some room underneath.

You can also use these rods to hang your paper towels and keep one more item off your counter. Tension rods are a great way to store pot and pan lids by holding them upright.

5. Your Fridge

There are ideal spots for everything in your fridge. Dairy should be stored on the top shelf because temperatures are the most consistent, and you should put your meat at the bottom to avoid any contamination leaks.

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You can make an “eat me first” box or area for items that are about to expire. Find hanging baskets to place on the sides of your fridge—you can find a lot of these storage items in the shower section and these work well to organize your fridge.

Use file folders to organize snacks like yogurt and juice boxes. You can also use curtain rings on those wire shelves to hang bagged items from a binder clip. 

6. The Pantry

You want to be able to see everything in your pantry, so it doesn’t become out of sight and out of mind. Try grouping items in your pantry by meals (such as pasta and sauce). Use clear containers to see your baking supplies like flour and sugar—just be sure to label. 

For canned food, use a magazine rack to organize your goods. You can also use an over-the-door shoe organizer to store snacks, spices, and other lunch items.

7. Small Appliances Cabinet

Don’t store all your small appliances on your counters. You can store appliances like toasters, blenders, and others you don’t use daily. You will be able to easily find these appliances when needed since they are all in the same spot.

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8. Lazy Susans

Nothing lazy about these handy little disks because they will help you regain some space. Place these in your cabinets to help store items like spices, baking supplies, or bowls. You can also place these in your fridge and pantry to get more room and everything is more visible.

9. Add More Shelves

You can buy stackable shelves to put your cabinets. This allows you to stack items vertically and get more room. These shelf risers will give you twice as much room!

10. Keep Everything in Reach

When you are cooking, there is nothing worse than having to run to the other side of the kitchen. If you can’t reach something you need while cooking, it is likely you will make a mess. 

You should keep things in a logical order such as pots and pans by the stove and the small appliance drawer by the electrical outlet to easily plug in your mixer or food processor. The main objective is to cut down on the amount of travel distance for food and ingredients to travel to help avoid spills.

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11. Kitchen Zones

As you start organizing your kitchen, think of the kitchen work triangle which is that space from the oven, sink, and fridge. You want to make it easy to move through this area. 

You can divide your kitchen into work zones: cooking, prep, food storage, cleanup, and dishware storage. Store items in their zone, so you can easily move. If someone is cooking, someone else could be in the prep zone without getting in the way.

Kitchen Storage Hacks Conclusion

Using these kitchen storage hacks will help you stay organized and have a cleaner kitchen. You will find it much easier to cook in your kitchen.

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