DIY Bathroom Decor: How To Uniquely Decorate Your Bathroom

Want to decorate your bathroom, but want to make sure it’s unique? Here are several unique (and fun) DIY bathroom decor ideas!

Decorating your bathroom shouldn’t be a chore, but rather make your bathroom fun and unique. The easiest way to do that is with fun do it yourself projects.

Keep reading for easy and fun tips on DIY bathroom decor and transform the way you decorate your bathroom forever. 

1. Use Mason Jars

Using mason jars as storage is a great way to keep your bathroom organized and looking cute. You can paint them to match your bathroom or even leave them clear. Either way, this will help to store all of your essential bathroom items in a unique way.

2. Mason Jar Tooth Brush Holder

You can take the mason jar look one step further and use it to store your toothbrushes. The way to make a mason jar toothbrush holder would be to cut chicken wire to fit over the top of your mason jar. 

The chicken wire will create separate holes for each of your toothbrushes to go into. It will be super unique and a cute way to store your toothbrushes.  

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3. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a new trend for decorating and they’re easy to build and put up yourself. You can put a floating shelf over your toilet for storage or decoration.

You can also pick certain themes for you floating shelves. You can make them look more modern or rustic depending on the vibe of your bathroom.  

4. Spray Paint Your Fixtures

Instead of spending lots of money on all new fixtures for your bathroom you can just spray paint them. Use tape to block off the parts of your bathroom you don’t want to get spray paint on and go for it. 

The color of your fixtures can totally change the way your bathroom looks. You can pick a neutral color or an accent color for your fixtures. 

5. Rotating Organizer

Do you have a lazy susan laying around that you’re not using for your condiments? Then you can use it to store your bathroom essentials. 

You can store q-tips, cotton pads, bandaids, etc. in mason jars and put them on a lazy susan for easy access when you’re in the bathroom. This can also help you to keep organized and declutter your counter space. 

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6. Use Wallpaper

Having an accent wall can completely change the way a room looks, especially your bathroom. There are fun and unique wallpapers that are easy to stick up all on your own and can give your bathroom a unique feel. 

If you have one blank wall in your bathroom this will definitely help to improve the uniqueness. Wallpaper is a unique decoration that doesn’t take up any extra space.

7. Granite Countertop

Granite is an amazing countertop that can make your bathroom look fancy, but it can be expensive. An easy and cheap DIY option would be to get contact paper that is granite. You can stick this on your countertop and give it the granite look at a much cheaper price.  

8. Use Candle Jars

Another cute way to store your bathroom essentials is using empty candle jars. Once you have a candle that is pretty much empty you can put it in the freezer for a day and then pop out the excess wax. This will give you a cute jar to store items in your bathroom.

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9. Wooden Bath Caddy

If you have a spare piece of wood, then making a wooden bath caddy may be perfect for your bathroom. Taking a relaxing bath is something everyone dreams of and having a bath caddy would only help to make that bath more relaxing. 

This can also help to give your bathroom a luxurious vibe and show your guests you mean business while taking a bath. 

10. Wicker Basket Storage

Another great way to store bathroom items is to hang wicker baskets on the walls of your bathroom. It is easy to install hooks and you can hang a basket from them. 

This will help to give your bathroom a rustic look. The baskets act as shelves but they also help to conceal the items you have instead to make your bathroom look more organized. 

11. Soap Bottles

Another way to make your bathroom look more organized and uniform is by making all the soap bottles in your bathroom or shower such as your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, all match. This will definitely give your bathroom a clean and modern look.

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You will want to find bottles that all match and that will be easy to refill. Remember when shopping online for items you want to use with your DIY projects, there are easy ways to save money. 

12. Homemade Bath Bombs

Another fun way to decorate your bathroom is with homemade bath bombs. You can use the bath bombs or put them out for display in a glass container. You can make them fun or neutral colors depending on your bathroom theme. 

You only need a few ingredients to make your homemade bath bombs. Or you could even purchase some to put out on display. Putting a few bath bombs in a cute container as decoration can also be a fun DIY project. 

13. Use Plants

You can add some greenery to your bathroom by getting unique plants. Air plants do great in a bathroom because they take moisture from the air and you wouldn’t even need to be concerned about watering them. 

Succulents would also be great in a bathroom because they would add a fun and unique vibe but they’re also very easy to maintain.

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14. Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Give your medicine cabinet a makeover by removing the shelves and applying fun and unique contact paper on the wall inside the cabinet. You can then put the shelves back on and now you will have a unique medicine cabinet every time you open the door. 

DIY Bathroom Decor is Easy

Hopefully, with this guide, you’ve learned at least one or two DIY bathroom decor ideas. These DIY projects are easy and can be super fun. They also help to make your bathroom look unique.

There are many different vibes you can have for your bathroom, but save some money and do some DIY projects to complete your bathroom decorations. 

To live your best life keep reading more articles on our blog for lifestyle tips and tricks. You can also leave us a comment with your favorite DIY bathroom decor project. 

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