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8 Group Training Classes to Burn Fat Fast

Keen to burn fat fast? Here are eight of the best group training classes to lose those pounds.

What can be more motivating than attempting to burn fat fast in a room full of sweaty, likeminded souls?

Group training classes have always been popular, but today business is booming now more than ever. One study showed that of who started a weight-loss program with friends, 95 percent completed the program compared to just 76 percent for those attempted it on their own.

This just shows that when it comes to torching fat, misery (for most of us anyway!) loves company.

Ready to start burning fat fast? Here are eight of the best training classes to help shed those pounds. You can thank us later.


Any group training class that focuses on high intensity interval training is a winner when it comes to torching fat. These energetic classes involve exercise in which participants work at a very high intensity for a very short period of time. They’ll then recover at a lower intensity and will repeat the process.

While it’s the most effective way of targeting fat, HIIT classes aren’t for the faint hearted! If you’re new to exercise classes, you may want to start off with a class of lower intensity.


At a spin class, expect to peddle it out on special stationary bikes while being lead by an instructor. Many people adore the buzz they get from sweating it out to a pumping playlist, while surrounded by a whole host of like-minded individuals.

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This won’t be a gentle bike ride in the park though – expect to be dripping from sweat by the end of your class!


Group boxercise classes are a fun way of losing pounds as they keep you moving constantly, allowing you to burn a satisfactory number of calories in the process.

If you head to a boxercise class several times a week, you can also expect to tone your triceps and shoulders, which is another plus!

However, as boxercise is a form of steady cardio, don’t expect it to be as effective as a HIIT or spin workout.


While many of us love to run alone, joining a running club can give you that extra push to pop on your running shoes and leggings each morning.

Pick up the pace as the days go by and you’ll be burning that fat fast.


‘Ditch the workout – join the party’ is the slogan for Zumba classes! If you want to have maximum fun while burning the pounds, joining a Zumba class is the way to go.

You’ll perform choreographed dance moves inspired by samba, mambo, and salsa, all while reaping the benefits of a cardio exercise. Dance your way to weight loss!

This one isn’t for the wallflowers though – you’ll need to have some confidence to rock those moves in front of a busy class.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics can be compared to Zumba, although the class is practiced within the water. This meaning you’ll be performing movements that are resisted by the water – while treading water – which is a great way to tone your body and burn fat.

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However, as it’s more difficult to move within the water, you’re not expected to move as fast.

The nature of the class means that it’s a fantastic option for those with joint issues or for pregnant or recent mothers who are striving to lose weight.


Group circuit training involves moving from station to station and running between each one. At each station, you’ll need to perform a variety of different exercises, such as skipping, curling, tuck jumps, press ups, and more.

In its very nature, circuit training is a form of HIIT so this is one group training class that’s guaranteed to raise your heart rate and slash the pounds.


When we think of yoga, we often imagine a quiet, calming, and peaceful practice. While many yoga classes do promote a slower and more mindful routine, did you know that you can combine HIIT with yoga?

Yes, there are many different types of yoga classes and what’s great about the practice is that it’s entirely adaptable to your needs.

A power yoga class that incorporates HIIT will be more vigorous and fast-paced, allowing you to shed the pounds quickly.

Which Group Training Class Will You Try?

Each one of these group training classes will help you burn fat fast, with some being more effective than others. The rule of thumb is that if you spot the buzz words ‘high intensity’ or ‘HIIT’ to describe a class, it’s likely to be one that is energetic and fast-paced!

Ultimately, the effectiveness of the class depends on how hard you’re prepared to work and the abilities of your instructor.

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