7 Best Ecommerce Hosting Services for All Budgets

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Every successful ecommerce website needs quality hosting service. Here are the seven best ecommerce hosting services for every budget!

Check this out: the e-commerce industry is predicted to make $3.45 trillion in revenue for 2019 alone. That means that more companies than ever are turning to ecommerce hosting to make their dollars multiply.

Is your business in desperate need of hosting services? Then it definitely wouldn’t hurt to invest in some quality host providers. Here are the seven best ecommerce hosting services for every budget!

1. HostGator

Wondering what the best website hosting service is for large companies? Answer: HostGator.

How do we know this? Because HostGator is well-known for having the best uptime you can find.

As if that wasn’t enough, HostGator also has the following features:

  • Free Secure Sockets Layer with the option to pay for extras
  • Payment gateway and shopping cart for all of its hosting options
  • User-friendly installation for ecommerce business owners

Want to know more? HostGator is celebrated for having an uptime of 99.99%. That means that your server will literally be running almost all the time with this hosting service. 

What does this mean? With HostGator, your online store can stay open for as long as possible every single day. How can you beat that? 

It gets better: Your company can get started with HostGator’s Hatchling plan for just a few bucks a month. Although it’s not ideal to share your hosting platform, there are also tons of extras you can throw in too, like WordPress hosting. 

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So, what’s the bottom line? We can’t emphasize this enough: HostGator is our #1 pick for large businesses!

2. InMotion

Have you ever heard of InMotion? If you really want to make money on a website, this is your new favorite resource. Why?

Because InMotion is top-rated for its virtual private server platform. Wondering what makes InMotion so special? Here are some of its most unique features:

  • Allows customers to pay with several different methods
  • Install ecommerce apps with a single click
  • Specific hosting plan for virtual private servers

Want a shared hosting platform for smaller store owners? Then you’re in luck because InMotion is great for that too. But there’s a catch: those with larger ecommerce stores should probably find a virtual private server host instead.

Pro tip: InMotion’s virtual private server platform is perfectly tailored for ecommerce business owners. That means that it allows customers to pay with several different methods. Not to mention giving out a free website domain too.

On top of that, InMotion can also give your virtual business access to other ecommerce apps such as WooCommerce and Magento. Bonus points for buying a virtual private server plan with solid state drive storage.

Why is this so important? Because the more solid state drive storage you have, the faster your website will be. Sounds like a win-win to us!

3. Bluehost 

Do you have an affiliate marketing blog? Then chances are that you’re familiar with running a WordPress store. That’s why your business needs Bluehost to function at top speed.

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Still not convinced? Allow us to explain. Bluehost is popular for its:

  • WooCommerce hosting platform
  • Private domain features on select plans
  • Efficient auto-backup feature

Curious about why WordPress recommends Bluehost to its customers? That’s because Bluehost allows you to buy an ecommerce package that runs on a WooCommerce hosting platform.

Sound confusing? It doesn’t have to be!

Want to know the best part? Bluehost offers its clients three hosting plans to choose from, with the most expensive one costing just a couple of dollars per month.

We can’t emphasize this enough: the middle plan will give you limitless stores, storefront themes, and domain privacy. Plus, it gives you a free website with WordPress already installed on it. Bottom line: Bluehost will do all the hard work for you.

But wait–there’s more. With Bluehost, you can also have WordPress, shared, and virtual private server hosting too. That means that you’ll have a bunch of options to pick from if you’re not the biggest fan of WooCommerce!

4. A2 Hosting

Looking for stellar server hosting services? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Meet A2 Hosting. Not only is it known for its lightning-quick network speed, but it’s also trending for the following features:

  • Single-click installation for the majority of ecommerce networks
  • Turbo Servers for quicker loading times
  • Various Secure Sockets Layer certificates to select from
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We highly recommend A2 Hosting for its fast customer service and loading page speed. How so? With its Turbo Servers, A2 is able to work way faster than your standard server can. 

Want to meet your need for speed? Then you can’t go wrong with choosing an A2 Hosting plan. That’s because it comes with solid-state drive storage as well as WordPress-friendly features.

Can we be totally honest with you? A2 Hosting isn’t necessarily known for having the best uptime on the market. Here’s the kicker: Expect to experience at least one day of downtime for each year with this hosting platform. 

That being said, you can always get 100% of your money back if you’re not totally satisfied with A2 Hosting’s services. Additionally, you have several hosting plans to choose from.

The craziest part? The cheapest plan only costs mere pennies per month!

What’s the point? Choose A2 Hosting if you don’t mind slower uptimes (and you want to save serious cash)!

5. 1&1 IONOS

Let’s face it: When it comes to cloud hosting, there’s nothing better than 1&1 IONOS. That’s because 1&1 IONOS lets its users prepare for big events like seasonal sales ahead of time without the fear of their site crashing.

That’s not all. 1&1 IONOS is also renowned for its:

  • Wildcard Secure Sockets Layer that comes with every hosting plan
  • Auto-backups at no additional cost
  • Simple installation for online store apps
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Looking for a bargain? 1&1 IONOS has one of the lowest monthly prices available for hosting website services. That means that its a fantastic option for those that are just getting their ecommerce store online. 

In addition, 1&1 IONOS topped the charts for its cloud hosting services as well. Why? Because it’s powerful enough to tackle high numbers of website traffic at all times. 

What kinds of hosting plans does 1&1 IONOS offer? We’re glad you asked. 

1&1 IONOS has hosting plans that include virtual private server, shared, WordPress, and cloud services. Yes, you read that right!

How about online advertising, website building, and domain registration services? 1&1 IONOS has all that for your ecommerce store too. This is crazy: you’re only charged a few cents per hour on the most affordable plan!

6. SiteGround

On the hunt for a reliable website hosting company? Look no further! SiteGround is highly ranked for its uptime, customer support, and hosting features. 

Don’t take our word for it. SiteGround is also known for the following qualities:

  • SuperCacher and Cloudflare content delivery network for faster speeds
  • Automatic installer for online store apps
  • Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council compliant server

Not only does SiteGround have excellent human resource options, but it also comes with a free Secure Sockets Layer certificate for each hosting plan. Not impressed? SiteGround has also received the stamp of approval from WordPress itself!

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Additionally, SiteGround has WooCommerce, WordPress, and cloud hosting as well. That’s not all. SiteGround also has three hosting plans that only cost several dollars per month too!

7. Shopify

Let’s be honest: Shopify is one of the most popular hosting companies on the market. With so many templates, storefront designs, and settings to choose from, it’s easy to see why Shopify takes the cake for the highest-rated ecommerce platform out there.

Dying to know what makes Shopify so popular? Take a look at its features:

  • Easily customizable online store building for beginners
  • Powerful support for traffic outages
  • Ability to have multiple gateways for online payments

Of course, that means that Shopify is a much pricier choice for ecommerce stores. However, you’re guaranteed to get the highest return on your investment with this hosting website. We promise you won’t regret it!

Finding the Best Ecommerce Hosting Service 

Here’s the deal: Finding the best ecommerce hosting service out there is a lot harder than it seems. But with our handy guide, choosing the right website hosting service should be stress-free!

Looking for the best ecommerce platform for large stores? Try HostGator.

Searching for the perfect virtual private server platform? Buy InMotion.

What about the premier hosting website for WordPress stores? Purchase Bluehost.

Final word: you simply can’t go wrong by investing in ecommerce hosting!

Want to learn more? Check out our blog for tips and tricks!

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