How to Save Money on Your Grocery Shopping

Spending too much in the supermarket? Here’s how to save money on your routinely grocery shop.

We’ve all been there – we head out for our routine grocery shop with a budget in mind, only to return with plenty of extra bags of food and a whole lot of dollar spent on the card.

When shopping for our groceries, it’s so tempting to pick up extra treats. However, sometimes spending money on food can get out of control and those extra bags of crisps you keep picking up can pile up the pennies.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. With these clever tips and spending strategies, we can all learn how to spend less on our groceries.

Ready to save some serious cash on your grocery shop? Keep reading!

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Plan Ahead

It may not sound exciting, especially when you’re the spontaneous type when it comes to planning meals, but by writing down a shopping list you can be stricter with your budget.

Why not create a written menu for your upcoming meals, so you know exactly which ingredients you need to pick up?

Once you have all the relevant ingredients at home to prepare healthy meals, you’ll feel less tempted to head out to eat or to order a pizza. Not only that, but you’ll spend less time at the supermarket as you’ll know exactly what you need to buy. Bonus!

You’ll also be able to purchase everything in one trip, and this will keep you from having to nip back and forth from the store. It’s these impromptu trips to the supermarket that make it so easy to chuck in a treat or pick up another ‘necessity’. Plus, you’ll save time and gas money avoiding all those extra trips.

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Write up a weekly ingredients list and budget and stick to it!

Opt for Budget Store Brands

While it can be tempting to choose well-known household brand names when shopping, many basic food items can be bought from the store-brand value range. In most cases, you won’t be able to tell a difference in quality!

Of course, there will be some brand names that you’ll always prefer. However, believe it or not, but in some cases, you may even prefer a budget store version to a branded option. The best way to figure out what you prefer and don’t is simply to taste and trial the various store options available.

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If you don’t like a generic store brand item, they aren’t usually expensive, so you won’t be losing out on much. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover some cheaper alternatives that you’ll buy and save money on for years to come.

Remember that some stores don’t offer many generic alternatives, so you might wish to stick to stores that stock a variety of store-brand products. In most cases, these stores are usually the cheaper ones, too.

Sweep the Sales

Most supermarkets have sales, so before making your meal plans you can always check online to see what’s currently on offer before writing down your shopping list.

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You can also stock up on sale dry food items or products to freeze which can be eater on a later date.

Most supermarkets will also have a shelf with food that’s about to hit its sell-by date, and this is where you can find the best bargains. This works especially well if you’re purchasing food to use the same day, or if it’s an item that can be frozen and eaten on another occasion.

Try to find out what time your local supermarket tends to reduce these items so you can grab cut-price products before everyone else does. Ask someone working at the store – most people will be happy to help.

Purchase In-Season Produce

Fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables can be expensive, but you can keep costs down by opting for food that’s in season.

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For example, pears are in season during November and December, so are less expensive during those months than the rest of the year.

If you keep this in mind during shopping, you can save big bucks. If you end up with too much food as a result, freeze it if you can and save it until you need it!

It’s Time to Save Some Cash

Using these our tips and tricks, you’ll save money on your grocery shop with ease.

Remember, never shop for groceries on an empty stomach. In many cases, your eyes will be bigger than your belly and you’ll be tempted to add extra products as you browse the aisles.

You should also always remember to bring bags to take your groceries home in. Not only is it a waste of the small change you must pay for plastic bags, but they’re also bad for the environment too.

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