7 Questions to Ask When Getting a Gym Membership

Ready to get a gym membership, but want to make sure its the right place for you? Here are 7 questions to ask about a gym subscription.

Did you know that out of 450,000 American adults across all 50 states, about 80% don’t get the amount of recommended exercise each week?

One remedy for this is  to go to the gym and get the needed workout. But that landscape is changing as 67% of gym memberships go unused.

There may be factors behind people not using their gym subscription. These can range from alternative methods to the available budget in hand.

Before you go and sign up for a gym membership, you might want to look at these questions first. These questions can help determine if the gym membership is worth the time, money, and effort.

1. How Much Does a Gym Subscription Cost?

This is of the questions you need to ask before you sign up for a gym subscription. Check if it is within your budget and then check what it offers. These days, gym membership prices are cheaper but it also comes with a maintenance fee or renewal fee to keep it running.

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There are other things you need to inquire about as well. Ask about the details like gym membership contracts, cancellation policy, and miscellaneous fees.

Are you still on the fence but curious on how it’ll work out? Ask if they offer something for walk-ins and see if it is to your liking.

2. What Kind of Gym Is It?

There are a lot of gyms out there that offer different kinds of tools and training regimen. Some catering towards Boxing, MMA training or CrossFit to name a few examples. Look at the kinds of programs that the gym offers to see if there is something that you can make use of.

Ask this to know what kind of facilities are available to use. Certain gyms have a set of facilities that others would not have.

A fitness center focused on Yoga utilizes a studio setting. Compare that to a CrossFit Gym, which may have a different set of weights and fitness machines. Meanwhile, a boxing gym will have equipment better fit for sparring and fight training.

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Speaking of training programs, you might want to look at how you can combine both weight and high-intensity training.

3. How Experienced Are The Trainers?

Trainers are among the best ways to motivate people to go to the gym. They help you mark your progress.

This personalized service requires trainers that know exactly what they are doing. Ask about the trainers when you go check on the gym and see how good they are.

In this case, trainers get certified by undergoing a written exam to gain their certification.

Aside from certification, check out how they teach their classes. Do they offer classes by groups or do they go on one-on-one sessions more? Choose not only by recommendation of the gym, check their reputation as well.

4. What is the Gym’s Reputation?

Speaking of reputation, also check on the gym and make your background check while you are at it. What is this gym renowned for? How is the experience in there?

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Don’t get blinded by the low costs. Check with someone who has been in that gym and ask for their opinions and experiences while going to that gym. Also, look into their reviews online if they have a website that you can check out.

This way, you know what you are getting into. Weigh your options first, look at other gyms before signing up.

5. Is the Gym Insured?

Accidents and injuries happen all the time, especially in gyms since physical stress and exhaustion are an everyday element. You can prepare for the worst by joining a gym with a great insurance option.

With various gyms using heavy objects designed for weight training and tools with various moving parts, it also comes into mind that the area can be rather dangerous. So make sure that the gym has insurance on it.

After all, you are still prone to injuries while you go for a workout.

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On top of that, also check if have adequate health insurance. Most gyms let you sign a liability waiver, where you need to cover your own medical bills.

6. Where Is The Gym Located?

You need a gym that you have easy access to. If you end up passing by the gym frequently as you go about, you are more likely to use it. You might get lazy if the gym is too far or if it requires multiple modes of public transportation.

The key here is in accessibility as it can also help with motivating you to use it more. If you have to drive your way to the gym, check on the traffic situation. You don’t want to be on your way to the gym and be stuck in a traffic jam during rush hours.

7. Do I Need A Gym Membership?

One last thing to note: do you need the gym membership? There are a lot of factors to this question. Among these factors include your health and motivation.

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Evaluate your goals behind going to the gym. Are you aiming to get healthy by shedding some weight and strengthening your body? Is your body capable of handling the workout regimen?

Before going, check with your physician to see if you are fit and qualified to go to the gym. Not only do you get a certified goal for your workout, but you also get a good grasp of what your body can handle and if it can handle the routines well.

All Set for the Gym?

Consider these questions and you should have an idea on what the gym offers and what it can do for you. If you find these details fitting, then don’t hesitate to apply for that gym subscription. Your body gains the boost while your budget doesn’t suffer.

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